Whether I am painting in Italy, doing yoga in Costa Rica, or exploring Castles in Scotland, I can’t seem to get enough adventure or inspiration. When I am not off gallivanting around the globe, I am at home practicing yoga, chasing sunsets + making art.

My name is Danielle Folkerts, I was born and raised in small town Lacombe, Alberta. I completed my Visual Arts Diploma at Red Deer College, and my Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary. My current mixed media art practice is a fusion of painting, drawing, photography, and collage. My work continually reflects my love of travel, history, culture and the outdoors.

I participate in a number of seasonal art markets and shows around central Alberta each year.


My art practice focuses on creating unique mixed media artworks, weaving together traditional and contemporary elements of painting, drawing, photography and collage.  Aesthetically influenced by a heart full of wanderlust for historical architectural textures, flourishing natural landscapes and bohemian cultural textiles, each work creates an alchemy of foreign and familiar memories navigating through time and place. The result creates a variety of eclectic artworks embracing rich textured collage and composition juxtaposing soft meditative brushwork and color.  The work incorporates collected fragments of personal and vintage inspired imagery and materials. It embodies and encourages a nomadic spirit and mindful lifestyle, inviting viewers to recall glimpses of shared dreams and experiences.

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