We are pleased to present Jihee Min, Vernon’s newest artist-in-residence for the Fresh!AiR art & environment themed residency hosted by the Caetani Cultural Centre in partnership with the Allan Brooks Nature Centre. There will be a welcome reception at the Caetani Centre for Jihee on Wednesday evening to introduce her to the community – all are welcome. During her 6-week residency, Min is developing a body of work that explores the flora and fauna of the Okanagan, specifically focusing on connecting the local animals to the symbolic and mythical creatures from various cultural folklore, from which she hopes to draw metaphors which speak to Canada’s multiculturalism.

Min is looking to speak with those who might have stories to share about the local animals, and especially birds. Working out of the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, Min is drawing influence from Major Allan Brooks himself, who was an ornithologist and a bird artist. Coupled with her own personal beliefs in the spiritual power of birds, she is especially interested in stories of winged creatures that are local to the Okanagan. Birds generally symbolize freedom for their ability to fly and many cultures believe that they signify eternal life, a link between heaven and earth. Looking for Canadian connotation for certain species of birds, Min hopes the research will lead to a unique storyline with layers of cultural symbolism, exploring the complex relationship between time, memory, culture and landscape. Her research will conclude with a presentation at the Allan Brooks Nature centre in June.

If you’ve had any magical encounters with animals in the Okanagan or have stores that have been passed down that you are willing to share, please join Jihee Wednesday evening at the Caetani House or reach her at [email protected]. She looks forward to hearing your stories.

Min’s residency is made possible through a partnership between the Caetani Cultural Centre and the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, and funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

Please note that due to construction on Pleasant Valley Road, access to the Caetani Cultural Centre might be limited, however there is additional parking on 22nd Street (behind the Caetani House), with access through the back gate. For more information, feel free to give us a call 250-275-1525.

Wednesday, May 11 @ 6-8PM in the Caetani Courtyard