Splash of Red Fundraiser 2016Save the date: the 2017 Splash of Red is back at the Caetani Centre, Thursday, August 24!

Tickets for 2017 are sold out!  

The following is a list of donated works from our 2016 auction. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page as we will be posting pictures of the works donated to our 2017 auction as they arrive in the office!

A heartfelt Thank you! to all of the generous artists who have donated to this year’s Splash of Red and in the past! All proceeds go directly towards improvements and development of the Caetani heritage property, community programming and events.

Walking In and Out of Rooms (Lost in the Woods with Discarded Furniture) by Wanda Lock

Walking in and out of rooms (lost in the woods with discarded furniture) by Wanda Lock

Medium: Oil on canvas

Fair Market Value:  $800

Artist Biography and Statement:  Wanda Lock was born in Oliver, British Columbia in 1969. In 1989 she enrolled into the Fine Arts Diploma program at Okanagan College before transferring to Emily Carr College of Art & Design where she graduated in 1992 with a studio major in painting. Lock returned to the Okanagan in 1992, and since then she has had numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions.

According to her significant other, Wanda watches too many coming of age movies. She is also known to Pearl Jam and even a bit of Soundgarden while working in her studio. She is not sure what her fondness of grunge music or teenage angst movies have in common with her current body of work but she is convinced that all will become clear in good time.

Overcast by Melissa Dinwoodie


Medium: Charcoal and acrylic

Fair Market Value: $375

Artist Biography and Statement:  Melissa Dinwoodie, the owner of ‘leap art supplies & gallery’ in Vernon, has been a figurative painter for over 20 years, primarily in the Okanagan Valley, where she grew up. Connecting to the process and the paint first, and then secondly to the story behind the subject matter. People’s stories & connections are Melissa’s constant inspiration, and if you have the chance to own one of her paintings, you will receive a special insight to that specific painting’s story.

Playing Banksy – The magic of the invisible reality artist by AJ Jaeger

Playing Banksy - AJ Jaeger

Medium: Mixed Media, 36 x 24

Fair Market Value: $950

Artist Biography and Statement: Sometimes as an artist you wish to be invisible and just let your work shine.  The mystery of the UK artist Banksy inspired this piece.

AJ Jaeger started in art more than 20 years ago.  In all this time, she has volunteered for several art associations, currently she is the chairperson for the Caetani Cultural Centre.  AJ earned her BFA from UBC Okanagan.  Her next assignment should show at the Kelowna International Airport.

Nubian Emerald by Julie Oakes


Medium: Oil on canvas

Fair Market Value: $1800

Artist Biography and Statement: By anthropomorphising the little ‘black sheep’, it appears awestruck engendering a self-consciousness in demeanor. Supported by a carefully staged scene, the foliage and the mother sheep passing in the background add to metaphors of mortality. “Nubian Emerald” borrows from vanitas traditions of historical painting; these domesticated animals are given the reverence of saints – fur perfect, eyes bejeweled – reflecting an ideal of nature rather than the real, messy and unpredictable “otherness” of the animal kingdom.
Oakes is a multidisciplinary artist with “Blue Tornado Redux” showing currently at The Vernon Art Gallery. Her studio is located at Headbones Gallery.

Kits Beach by Gabrielle Strong

Kits Beach - Gabrielle Strong

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 48

Fair Market Value: $1250

Artist Biography and Statement:  Majoring in the Visual Arts, Gabrielle recently received her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Her practice is split between painting and ceramics and she is interested in mining the ways in which they intersect. Prior to attending ECUAD, she spent 5 exciting years travelling by sea to over 70 countries on all 7 continents, leaving her with a deep connection to the ocean. Those years at sea left their mark and she finds herself forever drawn to themes of water and reflection, which reoccur throughout her practice. Gabrielle arrived in Vernon as Caetani Centre’s first CeramAiR artist and has since decided to stay and make the Okanagan her home.

Untitled (Pine) by Joanne Salé

Untitled-Pine Joanne Sale

Medium:  Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value: $875

Artist Biography and Statement:  Joanne Salé earned her BFA from UBC-Okanagan in 2005, where she worked in sculpture, drawing, etching, and painting.

Joanne has had solo exhibitions at Vernon Public Art Gallery, Gallery Vertigo, SAGA Public Art Gallery, and Comox Valley Art Gallery. She has been included in group exhibitions throughout the province.

Professional activities have included teaching art classes, prop/set work for Runaway Moon Theatre, as well as illustration work and jurying group exhibitions.

Additionally, she has completed five residencies from 2008 to 2016.
Joanne resides in Vernon.

Scarlet Procession by Martha Moore

Scarlet Procession-Martha Moore

Medium: Mixed, acrylic and oil

Fair Market Value: $1000

Artist Biography and Statement:  Martha’s paintings are recognized for their strong expressive strokes, emotional energy, and the use of dramatic and unique blends of colour. Her paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in nine galleries across North America including, closer to home, Arte funktional and the Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, Vernon Public Art Gallery, Courthouse Gallery, Kamloops, Federation Gallery, Vancouver, and the Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary.

Martha is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan.  You can find her website by clicking here.

Orange Flame by Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson - Orange Flame

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value: $3000

Artist Biography and Statement:  Vernon born artist, Heidi Thompson moved to Europe and studied art in Zurich, Nurnberg and Budapest. When she returned home she worked as a photographer, painter and publisher.  In 1982 she met Sveva Caetani and for 10 years documented her life and art. In 1995 Heidi published Recapitulation in 1995. Currently Heidi exhibits in the USA, Switzerland and Canada. This year, Heidi was invited by the Kelowna Art Gallery to create a series of paintings for the Kelowna Airport which are on display until November.  “It matters not if you paint abstract or realistic, sculpt with clay or cloth. These are simply mediums, vehicles artists use to transport the viewer. What matters is the destination the vehicle takes us to.” – Thompson

Crossing Over by Kara Barkved

Crossing Over-Kara Barkved

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $1200

Artist Biography and Statement: Ever since I was a child, with a favourite colour crayon, art making has ensnared me in its embrace…my painting practice is full of feeling. Feelings that come to me as I paint and I allow onto the canvas with spontaneous and intuitive marks; a dream, a memory, an expression of emotion about the world I live in.

West Wind Adams Lake Neil Erikson

West Wind Adams Lake- Neil Erikson

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $1800

Artist Biography and Statement: There is such beauty in BC! Overwhelming really. Nevertheless I must attempt to convey my love for this place in the paint. West Wind Adams Lake is one such expression. This piece was done with Acrylic and applied with palette knife and three drywall trowels ,cheers!

Rusty Blue by Lana Schuster


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value: $875

Artist Biography and Statement: Rusty Blue, a body of warm hued oval shapes surrounded by a sea of blue, suggests energy within a serene environment. Developed through a process of adding and subtracting, painting over some areas, hosing off others, allowing some to remain unchanged, a layered image emerged.

Born in Regina, Schuster obtained her degree in Education with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. Inspired by Abbott, Drexler, Milne, and Rothko, along with biking and hiking with friends, gardening with her husband, exploring the great wide open and interior of BC and self, Schuster strives to convey her sensibilities.

Cosens Bay by Nadine Wilson

Cosins Bay- Nadine Wilson

Medium: Oil 16 x 20

Fair Market Value: $700

Artist Biography and Statement: This piece was painted plein air. Some of us artists hiked down to the beach and breathed in the beauty of Kalamalka Lake. Oil is my weapon of choice. I use Williamsburg handmade oil, which of course I sell at Nadine’s Fine Art, in beautiful downtown Vernon. How wonderful it is to be surrounded by the work of my artist friends and to work in an environment that I have always wanted to!

Stainless Shorebird by Doug Alcock

Doug Alcock - Stainless Shoreboard

Medium: found, forged and fabricated stainless steel, paint

Fair Market Value: $650

Artist Biography and Statement: This piece is #2 in a new direction and series that follows my found, forged and fabricated metal sculpture history. Comprised of SS flatware and forged SS elements, its impervious to corrosive substances, fire, steam, crude oil or acid rain. Tough material, fragile form.


June by Carmen Thompson

Lake image

Medium: Oil on canvas 12 x 24

Fair Market Value: $425

Artist Biography and Statement: Growing up in the Coldstream, she was surrounded by the beauty of nature. Her painting encapsulates an iconic view of Kalamalka Lake and Rattlesnake Point. It captures nostalgic feelings of warm summers and open skies. Currently she am studying fine art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she has discovered a love for oil painting.

Starry Starry Night by Kenna Graff


Medium: mixed glass, wood and silicone

Fair Market Value:  $595

Artist Biography and Statement:  I thrive among a family of Maker, and although painting and sculpting are the constant in my studio I have diversions and make time for many healthy compulsions, one is to collect forgotten glass and with it create transparent and translucent coloured, sparkling, pleasing windows to hang where your light shines. The windows and the glass parts are found, traded, thrifted, recycled, re-invented, dump scavenged, or snapped from my china cabinet. Visit kennagraff.com to see more.

Willow Stream by Michael Jell

Michael Jell - Willow Stream

Medium:  Oil on canvas 36 x 54

Fair Market Value: $3000

Artist Biography and Statement: Coldstream Creek in Polson Park is the location of the painting. What caught my eye was the sun reflecting off the water and through the willow tree.

Pick Me a Pear by Dan Irvine


Medium: Okanagan marble

Fair Market Value: $700

Artist Biography and Statement:  Stonegarden Studio fulfills a lifelong ambition of mine to have a facility for exploring sculpture and other stonework. Recent large works in Okanagan marble and granite are on display as public art and in private collections. From the production of durable practical items like stone candle lamps, to the expression of ideas, ideals and passions in monolithic granite works, Stonegarden Studio exists to encourage and explore my love of expression and community beautification in durable natural mediums.  Influences include Renaissance sculptors such as Bernini and Michelangelo

Summer Colour by Mae Roberts

Mae Roberts - Summer Colour

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $795

Artist Biography and Statement: Those who knew Mae Roberts know that she loved the colours, textures and vibrancy of the Okanagan landscape. The celebrated Vernon artist died this past December, but her paintings, which traversed different mediums, subjects and styles, live on with her friends and family, and now with the public.

Root Chakra by Kenneth Buck

Root Chakra - Reiter Creek, Cherryville, BC

Medium: Photography (under conservation quality acrylic, mounted on composite aluminum backing, ready for hanging)

Fair Market Value: $900

Artist Biography and Statement: Retired Landscape Architect, 35 year career in design, visual arts and science, as Professor of Design and in Private Corporate Practice. Lives on Lake Shuswap west of Salmon Arm, BC. FROGPOND_art arose from a vision, at age 18, to have my own photographic studio/gallery… Here I am!

Repose by Lynne Marie Gayan

Repose- Lynne Marie Gayan

Medium: Mixed media/yupo paper

Fair Market Value: $650

Artist Biography and Statement: Lynne is a mixed media artist living in the North Okanagan.  She received her BFA from the University of Calgary.  Lynne moved to Vernon in 2002 and  an actively involved in the arts.  Her work is a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, inviting exploration of the mediums.  “My work is a compilation off inviting the viewer to look beyond the obvious, to look into rather than at.”

Hippy Pippy Chair by Sandra De Vries

Hippy Pippy Chair - Sandra De Vries

Medium: “Yarn bomb”

Fair Market Value: $450

Artist Biography and Statement: Yarn installations called yarn bombs are colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber. I have mostly yarn bombed tress bu also like to do more complicated pieces.

I love the process of creating yarn bombs. Working with colorful and different kind of yarns is fun and I enjoy the rhythmic and repetitive movements of knitting.

False Flower by Gale Woodhouse

False Flower - Gale Woodhouse

Medium: Clay

Fair Market Value: $550

Artist Biography and Statement: As an artist working primarily in clay, Gale has an active interest in the geology of the material she works with. The use of different clays and earth based stains and oxides enhances the tactile nature of the subject matter and effectively portray the layering of soil and geological matter.

Stonehurst, Nova Scotia by Joshua Wallace

Stonehurst, Nova Scotia - Joshua Wallace

Medium: Oil

Fair Market Value: $850

Artist Biography and Statement: Joshua Wallace is a young self taught artist based in Vernon, BC. He was a part of the inaugural Youth Artist in Residence at the Vernon Community Art Centre. His work has been shown at the Armstrong Art Gallery, Erickson Gallery, Leap Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts. His work is in the collection of the Vernon Art Gallery and private collections in the Okanagan, Nova Scotia and Australia.

Amorphous Ice by Patricia Doyle

Amorphous Ice- Patricia Doyle

Medium: fused, signed, art glass/white gold/dichroic frit/lustre

Fair Market Value: $550

Artist Biography and Statement: Patricia Doyle is a visual artist residing on the Bella Vista Hillside in Vernon, BC. While Doyle’s primary medium is glass, she also works in metal, acrylics, clay, videography and photography. Her works are usually centered on both her love of nature and her quirky sense of humour. She uses art to convey her vision of the world being a more harmonious and beautiful place.

Inside Out by Michelle Loughery

Michelle Loughery - Inside Out (2)

Medium: Encaustic on wood panel

Fair Market Value: $4500

Artist Biography and Statement: Award winning, international acclaimed master muralist, Michelle Loughery is also an art educator and  a community engagement maker space developer.  Her projects and programs have reached thousands of youth and have raised over 50 million dollars for programs and the arts in North America, from Route  66,  Europe, Australia, to New York City, the Country Music Hall of Fame, to hundreds of walls in Canada.  Her studio work currently focuses on Encaustic Oil on wood panels, as a conversation between the people she has met in her urban art adventures and her own experiences along the journey of her own art practice.

Tulipmania by Gail Short

Gail Short - Tulipmania

Medium: Mixed Media

Fair Market Value: $400

Artist Biography and Statement: Although always very interested in art, Gail never dreamt that she could be an artist. She trained and worked as a bacteriologist! Gail loves to paint in watercolour but also enjoys working in acrylic, pen, collage, pastel, mixed media and occasionally oil. In conjunction with her art, she is a professional picture framer and, with her business partner, does floral design for weddings and parties.

Family Tree by Kenna Graff

Kenna Graff - Family Tree

Medium: mixed glass, wood and silicone

Fair Market Value:  $400

Artist Biography and Statement: See above

Renée Léveillé Bielby


Description: Renée will be donating four separate photography sessions.

Fair Market Value$500

Artist Biography and Statement: Renée Leveille, the artistic force behind Baby Bliss & Wedded Bliss Photography, is a lifetime resident of the Okanagan Valley.

A graduate of the prestigious Western Academy of Photography, her rigorous photographic training has also led her to study with three of the top ten newborn and family photographers in the world as well as industry leaders in Wedding Photography.

She believes that everyone is a unique and beautiful work of art and is honoured to create beautifully crafted and timeless images of her clients.

Find out more about Renée on her websites: