Meet Misia Lukasiewicz Saturday, October 1 at the Caetani Centre during Culture Days, 11 am – 3 pm.
Fresh!AiR Artist-in-Residence (Sept 19-Oct 27, 2016)
Landscape Heritage: An Art Project in Collaboration with Local Residents

We are pleased to present Polish artist Misia Lukasiewicz, Vernon’s newest artist-in-resident for the Fresh!AiR art & environment themed residency hosted by the Caetani Cultural Centre in partnership with the Allan Brooks Nature Centre. During her 6-week residency, Misia will be working on a collaborative art project that focuses on Vernon residents and their landscape, and she needs your help.

A message from the artist:

I would love to invite you to be a part of my project “Landscape Heritage”. In Polish the word landscape translates to mean “image of a country”, and the title of my residency project refers to the inalienable heritage which identifies us. Through my art, I hope to capture what homeland means for people living in Vernon, and to accomplish this, I am looking to the community to help me fully explore the Vernon area and its inhabitants. If you would like to know more about my project, have a cup of coffee or a take a walk with me, please send me an email and we can meet – I would love to know how you perceive the landscape around you. Should we decide to work together, I will strive to capture a reflection of our interactions through various mediums such as painting, photography, land art and sketches. On October 25, 7-9pm, all will be invited to an exhibit and presentation at the Caetani Centre, where I will reveal our collaborations through the documentation and creative processes which lead to the final work.

-Misia Lukasiewicz

If you would like to help Misia with her research, please email her directly: [email protected]. You can find out more information about her through her website: