Eric Draht is a photographer who strives to create imaginative photographs full of emotional symbolism, finding raw emotion and vulnerability.

This is an introductory class is for beginners – people who may not know how to turn their camera on – and will focus on posing, composition, shutter speed, etc. You must have an SLR camera for this class.

His work has been featured on the cover and centre page of YLW Magazine, Pulp Magazine, Vogue Brides. The Morning Star newspaper, Redditt Wedding photographer Top 3, Vertigo Art Gallery, PetaPixel, ISO 1200 Magazine, Right this Minute TV show on MTV, Fearless Photographers, and more!

For over 10 years, Eric had looked beyond the surface image to the story behind the photo. As he says, “They are markers in time, a weapon against the quiet forgetting.”

For more information, please call Eric Darht at 250-550-6077.

You can register for this class on his website,

Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Location: Caetani Studio Gallery