Join us for three upcoming events for the 2017 CeramAIR Program.Vernon Community Arts Centre
The CeramiAIR program is a partnership between the Caetani Cultural Centre Arts Council of the North Okanaganand the Vernon Community Arts Centre/Arts Council of the North Okanagan

Kristina Brandeus KirkkopeltoHAPPY HARVEST
Exhibition & Opening Reception

Thursday, March 30, 7-9 pm
Caetani Centre Studio Gallery
3401 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon, BC

Caetani Gallery Viewing Hours:
Mon – Sat 1-6 pm               Closed Tues & Sun     Exhibition continues to April 13


Kristina Braneus Kirkkopelto Kitsch-itKITSCH-IT! Ceramic Workshop

Saturday, April 1, 10 am – 1 pm
Vernon Community Arts Centre
VCAC Members $45    Non Members $60 ~ Materials extra
All Age Levels Welcome ~ Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult
Register at VCAC   250-542-6243

Join our Ceramic Artist in Residence Kristina Brandeus Kirkkopelto in this fun and inspirational handbuilding workshop. Students should bring a small home appliance (a lamp, toaster etc.), a clear plastic recycling bag, apron, towel and texturing tools. Clay is available for purchase at the VCAC front desk.

Kristina Brandeus KirkkopeltoArtist Presentation

Wednesday, April 5, 7-8 pm
Vernon Community Arts Centre
Public Welcome!

About the Artist

Heartbreak can be a catalyst for inspiration.

Kristina Brandeus Kirkkopelto uses ceramic fountains, everyday objects such as cookie jars, and furniture as a means to communicate stories. Many of the objects were first inspired by Andy Warhol’s collection.

Life incidents often shapes an artist’s response to their materials and images. The artist began this series of work upon the ending of a long-term relationship that had not been notably marred by arguments or discord, except when it came to home decorating.

“He wanted really sterile and clean furniture, and I wanted colors and just pretty much the opposite of his style in general.” said Kirkkopelto.

After living in this relationship where everything about decorating the home was a compromise and unsatisfying for her love of decorating and collecting; she now longed for creating the objects and furniture she always wished for. She began to dream of creating fountains, garden accessories, cookie jars, and furniture such as a ceramic base living room table.

“I started working with ceramic sculpture in relation with the functioning aspect of fountains. I wanted to make sculptures where the fountain would act as the scene for the tale which I wanted to tell. Later on, my ideas surrounding the fountain evolved, and instead of using it only as a “platform” or a “base”, the idea of a ceramic object and a fountain that were interdependent of each other became more interesting. I discovered that by combining these two elements equally, it would exaggerate what I wanted to tell with my pieces. I want to further discover to what extent I can use this interdependence.”

Her work is fresh, charming, humorous and a little bit dark!

Kirkkopelto explains, “The fountain adds an element of surprise and humor to my sculptures. I believe this sort of “fun” function is something to dig deeper into. I would like my ceramic objects to use function in such sophisticated way, that they are mainly pieces of art rather than functioning objects.”

Titles are an important part of the pieces. A cute and kitschy sculpture can, with the right title, suddenly become something with a deeper meaning. She likes to work with multiple objects where individual titles can tell stories when placed together.

This desire to create wonderful colorful objects, which would be out of the ordinary and amazing for any adventurous decorator to have in their homes, provided the impetus behind her current residency. She hopes to use her time here to hone her artistic and professional skills, while experiencing Canadian culture.

Originally born in Kymmenedalen, Finland, Kristina has lived in Sweden since 1994. In 2016 she graduated from the Academy of Arts and Crafts, majoring in Ceramic Art, in Gothenburg. In 2015 she attended the Exchange at Dunedin School of Art, in New Zealand. Her work has been exhibited in several group shows in Sweden and New Zealand.

The final exhibition to showcase the work she had created during her residency in Canada has been designed to have matching podiums for her work and other decorative elements to enhance the meaning of the artistic project by playing with the whole exhibition space. The exhibition will be held in the new Caetani Studio Gallery at the Caetani Centre, opening March 30, 7 pm.

The public is invited to also sign up for a clay workshop to explore techniques used by the artist on April 1 held at the Vernon Community Arts Centre. Finishing up the events will be an artist talk and discussion of her work on April 5 at 7 pm also held at the Vernon Arts Centre.

About the CeramAIR Ceramics Residency

CeramAIR is a ceramics-based residency and partnership between the Caetani Cultural Centre and the Vernon Community Arts Centre/Arts Council of the North Okanagan in Vernon, BC.

The program provides regional, national, international ceramic artists the ability to work in a supportive community environment of like-minded individuals from our own arts community, to share their expertise and vision, to inspire excellence and create work at the highest level in a nurturing and creative environment. The artist is provided with accommodations at the Caetani Centre, and is also provided with use of a shared studio workspace and equipment at the Vernon Community Arts Centre (VCAC) operated by the Arts Council of the North Okanagan (ACNO).

The residency is a multi-faceted experience that includes opportunities for teaching, community outreach, interaction with other artists, and studio care, and culminates in an exhibition of new work.