Lauren Prousky

Lauren Prousky completed her BFA with distinction in studio arts and English literature at Concordia University. Her work has been in plenty of group exhibitions, as well as her very own solo exhibition in the Kafein Cafe/Bar in Montreal, QC March 2016. She has even been published in Bonk! Magazine in February 2017 (Issue #3). We are thrilled to have Lauren staying at the Caetani Centre, and are eager to see her upcoming work here!

She intends to focus on creating individual pieces that tell self contained stories through characters, shapes, colours and words. Prousky plans to experiment in with painting in a way that could lead to the creation of an art book or graphic novel. Before jumping into her master’s program in September, she wants to take this time at the Caetani Centre to reconnect with her painting practice through experimentation with new approaches and ideas.

Artist Statement:

My art uses stories, sarcasm and symbolism to investigate the pleasing and derisive and the spaces in which these opposites interact with one another. In general, my visual practice takes two different directions- abstractions combined with poetry, and intimate moments captured from imagined tableaus. That being said, my work is unified by my motivation to explore comedic subtleties, specifically how funny or whimsical elements can be combined with more serious themes to create spaces that hang between that binary. A lot of my most recent work explores imagined interior spaces that combine images of the home with features of landscape painting as a way to expose the interior space to the dynamism and malleability traditionally afforded to depictions of nature. My painting practice as a whole relies heavily on the use of a textual and symbolic visual language when it comes to the objects that I paint and my use of long titles and text within my work. In my writing, which often goes hand in hand with my painting and drawing, I am interested in creating personal and experimental poetry as a way to obscure the lines of openness and inapproachability. With all of my work I hope to reframe ideas of vulnerability and strength through contradictions of the familiar and unfamiliar, the visible and the concealed.