Time and date to be announced:

“The Receiver” by Sharon Thesen

Book Launch

Caetani Cultural Centre Studio Gallery

Event is free of charge and open to the public.

Sharon Thesen’s new book “The Receiver” is set to launch at The Caetani House on November 2nd, 2017. Join us in celebrating this new Canadian poet’s new work with special literary guests, refreshments, and more.

Sharon Thesen is a Canadian poet who lives in Lake Country, British Columbia. She teaches at University of British Columbia Okanagan. In 2003, Thesen was a judge for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

The Receiver is Sharon Thesen’s thirteenth book, and the first from the three-time G–G finalist since Oyama Pink Shale, six years ago.

More formally various than Thesen’s recent books, The Receiver includes the short lyrics documenting the poet’s witnessing that readers of her work will recognize, as well as various kinds of found poems, translations, prose poems, alongside some brief essays or memoirs.

Thesen’s mother and father, friends, poets in her own life, their poems, might form the immediate subject of the poems here, but above all, The Receiver is about poetic imagination:

“The body is the receiver of all that is; poetic imagination the transmitter of the world. A memoir about poetic imagination, about the transmission of language / energy (the poet will have had ‘some several causations’), contagion, ancestral / cellular memory, what is received through books, reading, talk, voices, rhythms of thought & experience. The education / mis–education of a poet ‘by ear’; transmission/transcription/telephone/telegraph; annunciation as method.” (Sharon Thesen)

-New Star Books