Plotting Your Novel Workshop

with Visiting Australian Author Emily Craven

Wednesday, February 21st 6 – 9:00pm

$60 per student

Caetani Studio Gallery

Are you keen to write your first (or next!) novel? Writing a novel from beginning to end can be a mammoth task! You need to seriously think about how you’re going to manage that in a practical sense. In this course we are going to break down several ways you can plot your novel, depending on your personality, with the help of award-winning author of 6 books, Emily Craven, our writer in residence and here for a limited time from Australia. Give yourself the best chance of writing those heart felt words, The End.

Who is this for?
Beginning, emerging and established writers who are looking for new method to add to their writers’ toolbox.

Learning Outcomes
This course will take you through the art of brainstorming, how to pick the ‘perfect’ idea, the different structures authors use to tell their stories, organic and structured methods to outline your novel, the creation of character profiles and arcs, and tips and tricks to get through your first draft (even when you don’t want to write!).


Emily Craven is an author, speaker, innovator and the publisher/CEO of the Story City GPS app, which allows participants to take part in a story set in the location they are standing. Read more about her and her projects here!