Social Media Marketing: One Day Workshop, February 20th

Social Media Marketing Workshop

with Visiting Australian Author Emily Craven

Tuesday, February 20th 6 – 8:00pm

$50 per student

Caetani Studio Gallery

Social media has taken over modern society and is solely responsible for most of the viral crazes and break-through artists and businesses of the last five years. One of the best free marketing tools in any business arsenal, it is amazing how many creatives and business people do not use it to its full potential (or more to the point misuse it). Social media can also suck up a lot of time if you aren’t wary. This workshop will teach you how to set up and run a dynamic social media platform, without having it take over your life and your relaxation time.

Who is this for?
If your work or career relies on promotion, whether you are a small business owner, a writer, an artist, filmmaker, or planning to be internet famous, this workshop will help you put together the tools you need.

Learning Outcomes
This workshop takes you through strategies to set up your social media, automate your postings so you waste less time, drive traffic to your website and optimise your account so that you are reaching a targeted audience who are interested in your work. Participants will look at how to make their social media appealing to their target market, how to set up a mailing list, and staying true to your branding.

Emily Craven is an author, speaker, innovator and the publisher/CEO of the Story City GPS app, which allows participants to take part in a story set in the location they are standing. Emily is the winner of the Brisbane City Council inaugural $25,000 Innovation Award for her Story City project, which creates real life choose-your-own-adventure stories around cities, and winner of the 2016 QLD Literary Award’s Young Writer and Publisher of the Year. Emily has spoken to teenagers, teachers, journalists and writers across Australia (keynotes, workshops and masterclasses) on writing, editing, ebooks, and digital/multi-media storytelling, and was the Digital Writer in Residence at Brisbane State High School in 2014-2015.

She writes YA fiction, with her latest series, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain, written as though you are reading the main character’s Facebook page. She was previously the Digital Producer for if:book Australia (The Institute for the Future of the Book) and QLD Writers Centre and has been featured in Money Magazine, Channel 7’s The Great South East and in various newspaper publications for her writing projects.