Yvonne Krystman holds a degree in commercial art from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, and has been creating work and learning new techniques for over 20 years. Her favourite methods are high relief painting compositions, contemporary mixed media works, and conceptual photography. She will be staying with us for two weeks to work on a mixed media project and generate new ideas for her studio practice.

Entanglement, 2018, mixed media.
Smell of a sunset in “X” city, acrylic on canvas.







Artist Statement
Lately, I have been working on a series titled “Trapped” that explores attempts on
catching/trapping life moments–glimpses of life and preserving them, without judging them by using standard measures of importance. This series was started during my art residency at Arts Letters and Numbers, in a rural area of New York State in October 2016, where I felt moved by–and inspired by–the uncommon history of places and people I have encountered. I found that by removing myself from my comfort zone to be beneficial at many levels as well. I would like for my projects to continue to include location-inspired installations for my conceptual photography.

See more of Yvonne’s artistic process on her Facebook page here!