Sophie Radermecker, Writer in Residence

Sophie Radermecker is a visiting writer from Los Angeles who previously stayed at Caetani in February 2017. A native of Brussels, she has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist in print, radio and television, and as a producer in the entertainment​ ​industry in Belgium and France. She is the co-author of the biography Julian Assange, WikiLeaks: Warrior for Truthwhich was written in French and translated into four languages. In recent years, she has been writing for French-language newspapers and magazines, mainly in Belgium and Switzerland.

Her current project is an inspirational memoir​, written as a novel,​ called ​​Le Miroir des Possibles​ (The Mirror of Possibilities), inspired by ​her ​own journey from Brussels to Los Angeles. She is writing it in French, with plans to get it translated into English. 


Upcoming Events

Inspirational Talk and Reception
July 11th
Talk begins at 7:00 pm
Caetani Cultural Centre Studio Gallery


More About Sophie’s Current Project

Le Miroir des Possibles (The Mirror of Possibilities), a work-in-progress.

– “What do you do?”
– “Me? I am a famous Belgian princess!

Everyone in Los Angeles inevitably asks “What do you do?” How do you answer THE annoying question? Finding the answer is Sophie Radermecker’s quest in her upcoming book The Mirror of Possibilities.

In the vein of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or Wild by Cheryl Strayed, the Belgian author offers an inspirational memoir that embarks the reader on the protagonist Elisa’s journey from Brussels to LA. Through deaths and losses, betrayals and passion, synchronicities and encounters, the thirty-year-old ends up homeless in the City of Angels. What to do, then? Will the unavoidable question help her find her way back home? Through an exploration of the worst, the (anti)heroine becomes the opener of unexpected doors, determined to find a way to live with her wounds and to keep dancing through life, daring to let herself be tempted–and all the while the reader will be asking, “How far will she go?”


Julian Assange: Wikileaks Warrior for Truth by Sophie Radermecker and Valérie Guichaoua

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