Splash Of Red 2018 Donated Artwork

The 2018 Splash of Red is back at the Caetani Centre, Thursday, August 23!

Here, we will be posting a working list of all of our artist’s submissions as we get them! Make sure to check back frequently for updates, and stay tuned to our Splash of Red Facebook page as we will also be posting pictures of the works there!

A great big Thank you! to all of the generous artists who have donated to this year’s Splash of Red! All proceeds go directly towards improving and developing the Caetani heritage property, community programming, and events.

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Scribbles and Doodles by David Powter

Medium: mixed media

Fair Market Value:  $875

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement:  My paintings often include textures such as fabric and various other mediums. I am inspired by nature’s colours and shapes. I begin the creative process with a focal point and then move around the canvas until I anchor the edges. The shapes within the painting and their relationship to [each other] are integral to the work’s entire expression. I paint for my own pleasure but hope that viewers will respond to my art by identifying something to which they can personally relate.”

Website: http://dtpowter.simdif.com/

Summer Melody by Heidi Thompson

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value: $4,000

Artist Biography and Statement: “What I dream of is an art of balance, purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter – a soothing calming influence on the mind rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.”
– Henri Matisse

Inspired by Matisse’s artistic quest, Heidi strives to create paintings that illuminate, soothe and vitalize the human spirit. She loves nature – both inner and outer. Not only  the beauty found in the landscapes surrounding me, but also the beauty found within.

Heidi Thompson was born in Vernon, British Columbia. After graduation, she moved to Europe and studied art. From 1975-1979 she attended the University of Art & Design Zürich earning a Swiss Diploma for Professional Photography. In 1980 she attended the Nürnberg Art Academy for painting and then studied at the Hungarian State University for Fine Art in Budapest.  In 1982, Thompson returned to Canada and worked as a free lance photographer, painter, teacher and book publisher.

Website: www.heidithompson.ca

Escape (Drawing 1) by Wanda Lock

Medium: Mixed media on paper

Fair Market Value:  $400

Artist Biography and Statement:  Wanda graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1992 and returned to the Okanagan shortly thereafter. Recent exhibitions include ‘It came from the sky’, Elevation Gallery 2010, ‘Pitching Tents’, Vernon Public Art Gallery 2009 and ‘Stacks and Piles’ Kelowna Art Gallery 2008. Wanda Lock is represented by Elevation Gallery in Canmore, Alberta and The Front Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta.

Website: wandalockart.com

Floating on a Pink Cloud, 2018, Kara Barkved

Floating on a Pink Cloud by Kara Barkved

Medium: Oil, acrylic, and aerosol on canvas

Fair Market Value:  $1,750

Downtown Location: Pampered Perfection

Artist Biography and Statement: Kara Barkved is an international selling artist, born in Montreal but has lived in BC since 1969. Kara has a BFA and MA from UVic but has studied art and painted all her life. Kara is a versatile artist who has explored many mediums and is inspired by nature. She teaches locally and her current work is available online and in local galleries.

Website: karabarkved.strikingly.com

October Forest by Diana Gritten

October Forest, 2018, Diana Gritten

Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Medium

Fair Market Value:  $1,800

Downtown Location: Pampered Perfection

Artist Biography and Statement:  Diana Gritten is a mixed media artist residing in Vernon. Diana travels to many parts of the world gathering material for her paintings. Along with attending workshops at home and in other countries, Diana paints and creates regularly in her home studio. October Forest depicts an Okanagan pine forest entrenched in the autumn sunset light.

Website: http://www.dianagrittenart.com

Emerging Spring by Mike Jell

Medium: oil on canvas

Fair Market Value:  $3,000

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement:  Landscapes have always influenced my paintings, I am drawn to a particular places by luminous colour, interesting shapes and shadows, and how light falls, changing and sculpting colour to create various moods on a subject. These elements are what interest and excite me, stirring my passion to paint.

Website: www.michaeljell.com

Serenity 5 by Destanne Norris

Medium: Oil on canvas mounted on board

Fair Market Value:  $790

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement: Destanne Norris, who lives on Silver Star Mountain and paints in her Caetani Centre studio, holds a BFA (Honours) Degree from the University of Victoria and an MFA from the University of Tasmania. She has been exploring the ever-changing skyscapes that have captured her attention and imagination in her painting over the past number of years. Her deep space series Stellar will travel to the Jasper Museum this October to be exhibited in conjunction with the Jasper Dark Sky Festival.

Website: http://destannenorris.com

Robin’s Blue by Lana Schuster

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value:  $800

Downtown Location: The Room Collection

Artist Biography and Statement: Vernon artist Lana Schuster was born in Regina and obtained her degree in Education with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. Her paintings are often developed through a process of adding and subtracting, painting over some areas, removing and revealing others, until a layered image emerges. Large is her preferred size to work on whether the subject matter be landscape, abstract, portrait, or something from her garden. Drawing inspiration from biking and hiking with friends, gardening with her husband, exploring the great wide open and interior of BC and self, Schuster strives to convey her sensibilities.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lanaschusterpaintings/

   Star Wars   by Nadine Wilson

Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media

Fair Market Value:  $500

Downtown Location: Nadine’s Fine Arts

Artist Biography and Statement: Nadine Wilson has been a lifelong artist, pursued Fine Art and Conversational French at St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Ontario, where practical application of all of the disciplines were taught by Dutch professor Henry Vyvfinkel and other notable artists, including celebrated war artist Ted Zuber. Nadine has been teaching and painting for over 30 years, her favourite medium is oil, she has been involved with several art associations over the years, is currently a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She owns Nadine’s Fine Art & Frames, the longest running privately owned art gallery in Downtown Vernon.

Website: http://www.nadinesfineart.com

                         Curious Alchemy  by Valerie Kordyban

Medium: Mixed

Fair Market Value: $620.00

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement: Valerie loves to paint by layering structure and pigment on her canvas until a harmony of texture and rhythm emerges. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism and particularly Jackson Pollock’s work, she strives to paint an “all – over composition”, often with a view to expressing something about life. This piece speaks to the desire to create “artistic gold.” 

Upstream by Fiona Neal

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value:  $1,500

Artist Biography and Statement: Fiona Neal is an artist working primarily in Acrylic on Canvas. Studying at Bournville College of Art, then specializing in painting at Sheffield Hallam University for her Fine Art degree, Fiona was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours. After emigrating to BC Canada from the UK, she now lives in West Kelowna. Fiona’s work has been bought for private collections over 3 continents and her current work can be seen in galleries and juried exhibitions around the Okanagan and beyond. She is a founding member of Westside Artists group and was juried in to Active Status of the Federation of Canadian Artists in March 2014.

Website: https://www.fionanealabstracts.com

   Two White and One Blue Birds by Julie Oakes

Medium: Hand cast glass

Fair Market Value:  $400 for one, $900 for three

Artist Biography and Statement: The Blue Tornado was an installation at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in 2014 and at the Vernon Art Gallery in 2016. It was a combination of a natural phenomenon represented by the blue glass birds, each an individual, and a man made phenomena in the effects that man has wrought upon this earth represented by the recycled blue bottle glass.

Each bird was hand cast in Toronto at Giesterblitz studio. 120 birds were made. Oakes has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from NYU and a Masters in Social an Political Science from The New School, NY.

Website: http://www.julieoakes.com

Remembering . . . California Poppy Series by Pat Doyle

Medium: Cast and Fused Art Glass 

Fair Market Value:  $650

Downtown Location:  Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement: Patricia Doyle is a visual artist residing on the Bella Vista Hillside in Vernon, BC. While her primary medium is glass she also works in metal, acrylics, clay, videography and photography. Doyle’s works are usually centered on both her love and awe of nature and her quirky sense of humour. She uses art to convey her vision of the world being a more harmonious and beautiful place. Doyle teaches art glass classes at the Vernon Community Art Centre and Red Deer College’s Summer Series of the Arts.

Website: http://www.bellavistaglass.moonfruit.com

Reverie  by Melissa Dinwoodie

Medium: Mixed media on wood panel

Fair Market Value:  $1,295

Artist Biography and Statement: Melissa Dinwoodie has always been inspired by people and their stories. Transitioning into more of a figurative approach, Melissa is experimenting with mixed media, layering and the emotional response to both the subject and the mediums themselves. Each section of the piece is an abstraction, building up to the painting as a whole, inviting the viewer to look deeper and explore the entire surface. Subtle but deliberate, Melissa creates in the hope of provoking emotion, and “Reverie” is no exception. Let yourself feel the painting and create your own emotional response and story.

Website: http://www.melissadinwoodie.com

Okanagan Sunflowers  by Gail Short

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value:  $750

Downtown Location:  Nadine’s Fine Art

Artist Biography and Statement: Gail grew up in Montreal and Winnipeg. Originally a bacteriologist by trade, in 1987 she took a beginners watercolour course in White Rock, B.C., just for fun . . . and the rest is history! She says of this piece: “I shall never forget the thrill I felt, the first year I lived in the Okanagan, of seeing the waves of yellow appear on the hillsides as the Balsam-root came into bloom. It was pure magic! And that excitement and pleasure returns for me every spring.”


Wakeup Call #5 by Doug Alcock

Medium: found, forged & fabricated stainless steel

Fair Market Value:  $2,300

Artist Biography and Statement: This glitzy new series from the forge of Doug Alcock comes from ancestral crest imagery, stirred up up with a contemporary edge, to provide a blend of old traditions, and new dimensions.



Let The Heart Sing by Angelika Jaeger

Medium: Mixed Media

Fair Market Value: $2,200

Artist Biography and Statement: Angelika Jaeger (AJ) is a mixed-media artist living in Vernon, BC. She is a painter and a sculptor, who has forged her way through multi-media collage and metal works. Beginning her art career in 1995, she received her BFA in 2013 from UBC-O, Kelowna, BC. She regularly conducts workshops in mixed media and collage and is an avid advocate in the local art community. Jaeger is the past president of the Caetani Cultural Centre Society in Vernon, BC. AJ’s work is held in private collections in Europe, the Bahamas and Canada.

Website: http://www.angelikajaeger.com

Moments In Reality by Michelle Loughery

Medium: Encaustic

Fair Market Value:  $3500

Artist Biography and Statement:  Moments in Reality is a piece by Master Muralist and Artist Michelle Loughery. Moments in time are like fine pearls stung onto the stings of our lives and loves. Art is a collection of moments in time. Art has the ability to stop time for a moment. To engage the viewer to the art, and the artist to the moment. The reality is that art is the time machine to explore and connect to ourselves, the past and the future. This piece is an exploration of art in its complex layers. Layers that emancipate you from yourself to find yourself.

Website: https://michelleloughery.org

Garden Graffiti by Martha Moore

Medium: Water, miscible oil paint, and acrylic

Fair Market Value:  $1500

Artist Biography and Statement: Martha’s paintings are recognized for their bold impressionist style, expressive strokes and unique blends of colour and depth, created with layers of water miscible oil and acrylic paint and inks. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto) and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (US), a past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan. Her paintings can be found in private collections internationally and seven galleries across North America including: ARTSY, New York, the Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary and Arte funktional, Kelowna.

Website: https://www.marthamoorecanadianart.com

Forest Waterhole by Gale Woodhouse

Medium: Clay

Fair Market Value:  $450

Artist Biography and Statement: Although formally trained as a Teacher of Art and Design, Gale has spent her career in art working primarily as a potter, with periodic diversions into paint and print. Apprenticed in England as a Studio Potter she came to Canada intending to spend her artistic life making jugs, mugs and teapots for the domestic market. The journey of an artist, however, is never a straight line and although throwing domestic stoneware still engages her she also spends a good part of the week free sculpting clay, painting and printmaking. The natural world provides inspiration for the textures and colour palette in all Gales visual art work and she has built a substantial body of work in the various media she works with. Gales work is sold in galleries and exhibitions in British Columbia and England.


Over the Edge by Jeanne Byron

Medium: mixed media/acrylic

Fair Market Value: $500

Artist Biography and Statement: “I love the idea of my art tickling your curiosity and imagination, encouraging you to follow your own creative spirit. I paint because I love to learn. Not knowing scares me. Whenever I pick up my paintbrush, I am forced to put aside my fears, and paint, make marks, and make mistakes. And it doesn’t end there; the final step is to overcome the biggest fear of all – sharing my work with others.”

“Over the Edge – This painting is all about taking
risks, going to the edge, peeking over and then taking a leap of faith; putting aside fear and embracing not knowing.”

Website: https://jeannebyron.weebly.com

A Loving Conversation by Jolene Mackie

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $425

Downtown Display: Casa Bella

Artist Biography and Statement: For Jolene Mackie, an artist living and working in Kelowna BC, art is about living in the present. She’s had a lifelong fascination with the act of creation, transforming a variety of surfaces into dynamic works of art. She finds inspiration in simple, fleeting moments: a unique quality of light, the shape of shadows, and the living palettes that colour our daily existence. Her work blends fascination with the world around us and the whimsy of human imagination into wholly unique visual experiences. A 2009 graduate of Emily Carr University, Jolene holds her BFA in Painting. She has exhibited work widely through the Okanagan Valley, and her art graces private collections around the world.

Website: www.jolenemackie.com 

Rear View  by  Tatianna  O’Donnell

Medium: oil on canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,875

Artist Biography and Statement: “My paintings have always been about line, shape and texture. Now, I introduce space… the transitional space in between where we have been and where we are going, the space in motion. Since I started painting this series I call Transitions, I have discovered Einstein’s Theory of Dilation. He states that time does not pass at the same rate for everyone. A fast-moving observer measures time passing more slowly than a (relatively) stationary observer would. Enjoy the ride.”

Website: www.tatiannaodonnell.com

Impatience by Carmen Thompson 

Medium: oil on canvas

Fair Market Value: $695

Downtown Display: Pampered Perfection

Artist Biography and Statement:  Using primarily oil and acrylic on canvas, Carmen’s work reflects her desire to explore the materiality of paint as well as evoke the attitude of the varied landscapes she is influenced by. She conveys her interpretations through abstraction using bold colours, overlapping layers, and contrasting edges.

“Impatience reflects on the impatience of waiting for the spring to arrive. The colours mirror the emerald greens, and the warm light of the Okanagan in the spring.”

Website: https://www.carmenthompsonart.com

Blithe by Brazen Edwards

Medium: acrylic inks

Fair Market Value: $2000

Downtown Display: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Statement: As a contemporary abstract painter, Brazen’s work invokes recognizable shapes and inferred meaning out of the organic layers that develop and depict themes based on her former career in criminology. Her process is guided by a strong understanding of science that adds to the powerful depth of her work.

“My ability to manipulate and control the surface tension of acrylics allows me to create fascinating and unexpected surprises that invite a connection to my work that I find incredibly inspiring.”

Website: https://www.brazendesignstudio.ca


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