Janelle Hardy, a local writing instructor and wellness specialist.

January 31st-March 21st
Thursday Afternoons
2pm – 4:30pm

Eight 2.5 hour sessions
Cost: $265
Caetani Centre Library



In this series we’ll mix live writing, discussion and feedback into our sessions. As we identify themes, patterns and throughlines in your life story you’ll write, and write with delight, astonishment and pleasure. You’ll learn how to bring your stories out of your head and memory and onto the paper in a compelling way.

Plenty of support and tips to break through writer’s block will be shared, and you’ll finish with several short personal stories written, and confidence that you can keep going.

Just like painting a self-portrait, writing a memoir is a chance to choose how to honour yourself and your life’s journey. // Autoretrat (Self-portrait) by Lluïsa Vidal, 1899. Oil on canvas. [Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.]
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