Janelle Hardy, a local writing instructor and wellness specialist.

Advanced Memoir Writing

April 17th – May 22nd
Wednesday Evenings
6:30pm – 9pm

Six 2.5 hour sessions
Cost: $430
Caetani Centre Library

with Janelle Hardy, creator and teacher of the Art of Personal Mythmaking, a 5-month transformational memoir-writing course.

About Advanced Memoir Writing

This is an intense practicum designed to create a safe community for discussion and feedback for memoir and creative non-fiction writers who want to actively write, polish their short stories and learn via peer critique.

The class sizes are small – with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 participants.

Each participant will have the opportunity to write, submit and receive feedback on three pieces of up to a 2,500 word length.

Each participant will also choose one of these three pieces for a final revision and critique during the final week.

This is a swift, intense and richly rewarding workshop.

Each participant will also offer a critique of each other participant’s three stories via googledoc during the week, so the in-person sessions will be filled with rich discussion.

By the end of this workshop you’ll have:

Requirements for participation:

Course outline:

Session 1: introductions, structure of course, discussion of stories, writing and intentions

Session 2: in-person critiques and discussions of 1st stories

Session 3: in-person critiques and discussions of 2nd stories

Session 4: in-person critiques and discussions of 3rd stories

Session 5: discussion of revision strategies, submissions + submission strategies for publications

Session 6: in-person critiques and discussions of revisions, cake!

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Just like painting a self-portrait, writing a memoir is a chance to choose how to honour yourself and your life’s journey. // Autoretrat (Self-portrait) by Lluïsa Vidal, 1899. Oil on canvas. [Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.]
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