Innate Worlds:
Introduction to the Art of Assemblage

Sunday May 5th
Caetani Studio Gallery

Come join Amy Sallenbach for an introduction in to the fascinating worlds of Assemblage.

From giant sculptures to delicate shrines she will cover an introduction to important assemblage artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, explore examples to inspire you, and then discuss the techniques that make it all come together.

After looking at the many sources of materials and approaches to construction, we will get right into the art of assembling compositions, from anything and everything you bring to the table, literally.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to collect up and repurpose all those intriguing bits and fascinating keepsakes we can’t help but collect but may not have any idea what to do with.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. 

Amy will provide a variety of basic craft supplies, papers, and a pile of interesting bits from her own collections to share, and with any luck, some surprises she finds on the trip to Caetani!

Please bring your lunch and your own materials to create with.

A box or form to build on, could be shadow boxes, small drawers, small shelf, tins, etc. (*Required) 

Anything you may want to work with (including ways to attach or fasten it to your piece) (*Required) 

Additional Suggested Materials: 

  • Favourite glues, glue gun, paints, mediums, brushes, drawing tools 
  • Hand tools, scissors, screws, screwdriver, nails, hammer, staples, wire 
  • Cardboard, wood, metal, fabric, leather, Styrofoam, bubble wrap… 
  • Toys, pictures, paintings, drawings, writings, books, cutlery, jewelry, keys, lenses, buttons, photographs, corks, pinecones, feathers, maps, dolls, tiles… 
  • Consider if you would like to tell a story with your project and what materials may assist in that 
  • Your imagination, friendly smiles, and love of exploring! 


Amy Sallenbach is a multi disciplinary artist and pilot who has purposefully left the constraints of gravity behind, one way or another.

Raised in Southern Alberta, she graduated with from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2001, narrowly escaping attending her own final graduating jury critique by going in to labor immediately after installing it, thereby earning her the honorable distinction of 2nd best excuse to get out of your final crit (1st place went to contracting flesh eating disease in case you’re wondering).

She has exhibited throughout Western Canada and in private collections coast to coast. 

You can see more of Corey’s work and learn more about her here.