SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2019  at  7 PM
Ticket information & reservations: 250-503-1965
Tickets: $20
“Michael Friedman is one of the most stunning and unique performers to emerge from Canada’s west coast music scene. At once a mixture of explosive musicality and close intimacy, expressive playing and stirring vocals. Michael makes full use of a passionate and powerful 3-octave voice, an astonishing and eclectic “New Acoustic” guitar playing approach, and a vast range of musical genre. His songs combine a very sharp compositional sensibility with a down-to-earth knack for writing with insightful eloquence. He has been stoking and delighting Canadian and international audiences for many years.”

“His songs carried us through a flurry of emotions, often compelling us to sing along to refrains
we’d not heard before.” Steve Parton – Cosmic Debris
“Canadian Michael Friedman is one of the most compelling Songwriters of his generation.”
      -Vintage Guitar News
“Electrifying and Unforgettable”   Badische Zeitung – Freiburg, Germany