The 2019 Splash of Red is back at the Caetani Centre, Thursday, August 15!

Here, we will be posting a working list of all of our artist’s submissions as we get them! Make sure to check back frequently for updates, and stay tuned to our Splash of Red Facebook page as we will also be posting pictures of the works there!

A great big Thank you! to all of the generous artists who have donated to this year’s Splash of Red! All proceeds go directly towards improving and developing the Caetani heritage property, community programming, and events.

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Field of Poppies by Ann Willsie

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,440.00

Downtown Location: Nadine’s Fine Art

Artist Biography and Statement: Ann has spent most of her life painting in oils, both in studio and in the outdoors. She has participated in and helped organize many Plein Air Events throughout Canada during her career. The subjects of her paintings are mostly landscapes and bigger than life florals. Ann is known for her impressionistic, loose style of painting, characterized by thick paint, harmonious colour and visible brushstrokes. Her work is shown in galleries across Canada and held in collections around the world. She is an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and has won numerous awards at FCA shows and Plein Air Festivals throughout her career.

I Could Corrupt You by Brazen Edwards

Medium: Acrylic on cradled wood panel

Fair Market Value: $7,200.00

Downtown Location: Bannister GM


Artist Biography and Statement:
Brazen is a versatile artist that was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Enrolled in the BA Criminology Program at the University of Alberta, Brazen was given special permission to take Art Fundamentals as a component of her degree. She then went on to pursue a career with the RCMP and relocated to the Okanagan in 2009. She found the region to be incredibly inspiring and realized that art was her true calling. She began to devote herself to that pursuit in 2010 and has been fortunate enough to have her artwork collected internationally. Brazen now resides in Vancouver, BC along with her studio and exhibition practice. Her latest project is an art residency for an exhibition at the Kamov Contemporary Art Gallery in Rijeka, Croatia in 2019.

Boundary by Carmen Thompson

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,700.00

Artist Biography and Statement:
“Boundary” is an exploration into the materiality of paint and pays homage to contemporary artist Gerhard Richter. It is an illusion of space developed out of incidental process. Created by intuition and the reactive gestures of adding, moving and subtracting oil paint, it is an easily permeable space that allows the eye to roam and make new discoveries within the painting. Experimental mark making, blurred colour and superimposed plank marks made with a giant squeegee build a spatially balanced environment. Thompson is a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and is currently working as an artist full time.
“When I begin, theoretically and practically I can smear anything I want on the canvas.” – Gerhard Richter.

A Copper Dream by Charley Hampton

Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media

Fair Market Value: $650.00

Downtown Location: Cento Wear

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “I am a Canadian abstract artist living in Vernon, British Columbia. I am a member of the Okanagan Artists of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Art is learning to express myself in ways that I cannot otherwise do. It’s about taking risks, learning through growth, living with the fear of making mistakes, and connecting with people who understand. The Japanese principle of satori describes my connection to art; satori is continually acquiring new points of view and perspectives through which we deal with life.” – Charley Hampton

Looking into the mind by Cory Fuhr

Medium: Steel Brass

Fair Market Value: $4,700.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “Anthropomorphic transformations have fascinated and inspired my work throughout my life. The conflict of engineered and untouched landscapes challenges humanity to reconcile our organic forms with the monstrous artifice of our creations. Through my work, I explore the possibility of acceptance, of reconciliation.” – Cory Fuhr

Canadian artist Cory Fuhr’s steel sculptures have been gaining notoriety since his gallery debut in 2001. His works have made their way into collections throughout the world, captivating a growing audience. Cory shares his own universe of transformation and mutation using an assortment of steel tools and gears, finely detailed in each human assemblage. He creates a network of narratives in which individuals are discovered, through light and touch, revealing vulnerability in contrast to their powerful presence.

…and everywhere he walked, in the otherworld, flowers grew… by Jolene Mackie

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Fair Market Value: 1,245.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Jolene is an artist living and working in Kelowna. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Emily Carr University in 2009, and has pursued art making professionally with a focus on the medium of oil painting. Jolene finds inspiration in simple, fleeting moments; a unique quality of light, the shape of shadows, and the living palettes that colour our daily existence. Jolene favours oil paints, as their slower working time is both meditative and contemplative. This painting donated to the 2019 Splash of Red fundraising event was the first painting Jolene created in 2019, and was definitely a turning point in her work. This piece denotes a shift in Jolene’s personal visual language beyond the literal realm, into a more surreal place of dreamscapes otherworldliness – playing with a thicker more visceral application of paint besides more softly rendered and blended elements.

He needed a stick and a dog by Julie Oakes

Medium: Gouache on paper

Fair Market Value: $675.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “I have had a life-long practice of drawing in museums and then returning to the studio and making an actual piece from the drawings by adding gouache. While recovering from a slip and fall at a Headbones opening, I did 14 of the studio works titled “One cracked Two broken”. The title is from a novel I am currently working on. In the studio now, I am working on furniture, a floor, tapestry works and paintings for SheShe, an exhibition that is built around the feminine. It will be at the PAG in November, the SAG in January and then leave for Poland in March.” – Julie Oakes

Autumn Flight by Juve Furtado

Medium: Watercolour

Fair Market Value: $700.00

Downtown Location: The Room Collection


Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “I love the outdoors and enjoy photographing seasonal landscapes, rustic scenes and wildlife that I encounter throughout our beautiful Okanagan and abroad. The images I capture become the inspiration for my paintings. I’m a self-taught artist and my preferred medium is watercolour. My painting style would be described as realism although I do enjoy taking the liberty to exaggerate both light and colour in my work. I find that light can be quite powerful in attracting the viewer and drawing them in. I enjoy the transparency and spontaneity of waterclour and find that I am able to achieve the many wonderful variations of light, colour and texture that I find in nature. My greatest reward in creating art is to see my work connect and resonate with the viewer in a meaningful way.” – Juve Furtado

Custom Pet Portait by Shannon Wylie

Medium: Pastel on Paper

Fair Market Value: $350.00

Downtown Location: Nadine’s Fine Art


Artist Biography and Personal Statement:  “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been born, and still live, in Vernon I have recently retired from a 30-year career in the promotional products industry, many years of which included graphic design and screen printing. Returning to my fine arts roots, I recently discovered soft pastels, which I am combining with my passion for animals to create custom pet portraits. My works are a blend of life like detail with painterly strokes of colour and texture. Each painting is built with multiple layers of colour, as I strive to capture the essence of each animal.” – Shannon Wylie

Us, sitting at a tableby Wanda Lock

Medium: Mixed media on cradle panel

Fair Market Value: $500.00

Downtown Location: Casa Bella

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “When everything is stripped away, I am an oil painter who draws. When I walk into my studio, the smell of linseed oil makes my heart sing… the intoxicating perfume wraps its big arms around me and pulls me into the room where we spend days and nights chatting, sometimes arguing, about the fundamentals of art making and how we can go about deciphering and responding to all that surrounds us. Using all the various art materials that are available to me at any one time helps put the pieces together. Am I an artist? That is not for me to decide.” – Wanda Lock

In 1989, Wanda enrolled into the Fine Arts Diploma program at Okanagan College before transferring to Emily Carr College of Art & Design where she graduated in 1992 with a studio major in painting. Lock returned to the Okanagan in 1992, and since then she has had numerous exhibitions throughout the Okanagan and beyond.

Erotica by Diana Gritten

Medium: Acrylic/ Mixed Media

Fair Market Value: $700.00

Downtown Location: Cento Wear

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
Diana is a mixed media artist residing in Vernon. She was born in Jamaica and grew up in north and west Vancouver. Works in abstract paintings allow Diana to incorporate many ideas and themes she’s collected from her travels abroad and at home. Attending Okanagan College’s Fine Arts Program and various workshops in Europe, Canada, and Mexico, has added to Diana’s vast experience as an artist. Many of her paintings reside in private collections throughout the world. Diana is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Horizon by Melissa Dinwoodie

Medium: Acrylic, graphite and gold leaf on wood panel

Fair Market Value: $1,600.00

Downtown Location: First Impressions

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
Growing up in the Okanagan Valley, more specifically Armstrong, is where Melissa Dinwoodie’s love of painting developed. Melissa received her BFA from UBCO in 2001. This is where her passion of oil as a medium emerged. Melissa then moved to Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. In every home, there was a makeshift studio, and bodies of work to show. In Vancouver, Melissa then received her second degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute in 2007, which is where she learned a new way to be creative, and articulate, which has without a doubt worked into her painting practice. Melissa now lives in Kelowna, where she is inspired every day with the beauty of being ‘home’.

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they’re deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

Silver Star Clouds by Mary Tremayne

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on board

Fair Market Value: 1,200.00

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Vernon artist Mary Tremayne, was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and obtained her Fine Arts Degree at McGill University and University of Victoria. She maintains a studio in Vernon, and has made her living as both a clay and visual artist.

“My paintings are about combining textures to often express landscape views – perhaps a reflection of my clay work. I love to push the boundaries of the paper. In this painting, I used handmade papers and coloured tissue which form the basis of my image. These are then combined with acrylic paint glazes on the board. It is interesting to push the paint over the ridges of the paper with either a spatula or palette knives to achieve transparent layers. I find this approach lends itself to the cloud layers viewed when descending from Silver Star Mountain.” – Mary Tremayne

Bridge Over B.X. Creek by Jane Tanner

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $900.00

Downtown Location: Olive Us

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: “One of my earliest memories is going to the Post Office to fetch a paint box, sent to me by my grandfather. I grew up in England and my father took me often to the National and Tate Galleries in London. My father collected paintings and I developed a love of great art as a child. I studied at CF Mott College, University of Liverpool, from 1966-1969. On arriving in Canada, I was enthralled by the Group of Seven, and Emily Carr. Later influences are Hockney and de Kooning. My hope is that my art reflects the love of God and his beautiful creation.” – Jane Tanner

Imagine by David Powter

Medium: Mixed

Fair Market Value: $975.00

Downtown Location: Olive Us


Artist Biography and Personal Statement:  “My paintings often include textures such as fabric and various other mediums. Inspired by nature’s colours and shapes, I begin the creative process with a focal point and then move around the canvas until the edges are anchored. The shapes within the painting and their relationship to each other are integral to the works’ entire expression. I love texture in paintings thus I wanted people to be able to feel the piece as well as see it (probably not something you want to do in an art gallery!). Touch is just as important a sense as is sight. Why do I paint? For a whole career, I used my left brain. Once I started painting, a whole new world opened up for which I am truly grateful. I would encourage anyone to try it. You do not have to become a master to derive joy in your work.” – David Powter.

Flowers to Show Off II by Angelika “AJ” Jaeger

Medium: Mixed media on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,950.00

Downtown Location: Bannister GM


Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Angelika Jaeger (Aj) is a mixed-media artist living in the North Okanagan, BC, Canada. She is a painter and a sculptor, who has forged her way through multi-media collage and metal works. She regularly conducts workshops in mixed media and collage and is an avid advocate in the local art community, serving as director on several arts’ society boards. Aj’s work is full of expression, displayed through her personal technique of creating textures, that support the notion of sharing the deeper story of a piece. Her intuition leads the way to her creations.

Icebergs by Kara J Barkved

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,000.00

Downtown Location: First Impressions

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
 “I have just relocated to beautiful Prince Rupert. The environment always influences my art. Mostly, my work is abstract, my marks and colourful ideas flow onto paper or canvas without subject matter in front of me. But this year, living on the coast, is filled with ideas which suggest oceanic subject matter. This particular painting suggested icebergs although there are none here. Born in Montreal, I moved to the west-coast, in 1969, where I pursued an art career, receiving my BFA and MA from the University of Victoria.” – Kara J Barkved

J Pod by Doug Alcock

Medium: Found, forged and fabricated steel with Monpetit cast glass

Fair Market Value: $1,800.00

Downtown Location: Olive Us


Artist Biography and Personal Statement: 
“Study and stories abound, following this famous ‘pod’ of Orcas, that return to the Salish Sea annually.” – Doug Alcock

Presence by Fiona Neal

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Fair Market Value: $1,500.00

Downtown Location: Hot Bread Shoppe


Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Fiona Neal is an abstract artist working primarily in Acrylics on Canvas. Her work explores the moments when spontaneous painting moves into true intuitive expression and emotional transference. Trained formally in the UK, Fiona has been living and working in the Okanagan for 16 years. Her work as an accomplished artist and educator has gained much recognition in Western Canada and beyond. Her paintings are held in public and private collections over 3 continents.

Rolling in by Jeanne Byron

Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas

Fair Market Value: $500.00

Downtown Location: The Room Collection

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Jeanne grew up in a small Ontario town and was fascinated by ‘making pictures’ – often sitting with her father, getting him to draw for her. Primarily self-taught, Jeanne loves the challenge and excitement of creating with paint/mixed media/collage. Travels abroad have provided rich artistic experiences and inspiration, adding to the development of Jeanne’s work. She currently serves on the board of the Arts Council of North Okanagan, the Federation of Canadian Artists of North Okanagan and was co-chair of the organizing committee for the Summer Solstice of the Arts.

“My paintings are primarily abstract – but I couldn’t resist trying to capture the drama Mother nature presented one afternoon on a beach in Australia.” – Jeanne Byron

Creation by Lana Schuster

Medium: Mixed Media on Wood

Fair Market Value: $2,500.00


Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
 The process of creating is not always an easy one. Sometimes the work is frustrating, the path arduous and bewildering. And sometimes in the frustration something new is born. This is how ‘Creation’ came to be.

See more of Lana’s work at Nadine’s Fine Art, Ex Nihilo Winery, on her, on Facebook at Lana Schuster Paintings and by contacting her for a studio visit at [email protected]. She’d love to share her work with you.

Adams River by Nadine Wilson

Medium: Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $500.00

Downtown Location: Nadine’s Fine Art

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Nadine Wilson is the owner of Nadine’s Fine Art Downtown Vernon, celebrating 14 years in June, art lover, teacher, supporter. This piece Adams River is an underwater view with creative reflections.

Entertainment in Red by Valerie Kordyban

Medium: Mixed Media 

Fair Market Value: $650.00

Downtown Location: Casa Bella

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
Valerie’s art is inspired by Abstract Expressionism. She paints intuitively until a harmony of colour, shape and line emerge suggesting a mood, emotion or a moment in the human experience. Favouring bold brushstrokes and heavily worked surface, Valerie is passionate about creating works with energy and depth. She likes to produce a finished painting with numerous areas of interest to entertain the viewer. Retired many years ago from the legal and corporate world, Valerie resides with her husband on beautiful Kalamalka Lake and paints with joy.

Landmark Crossing by Martha Moore

Medium: Water Miscible Oil and Acrylic

Fair Market Value: $1,125.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Martha’s paintings are recognized for their bold impressionist style, expressive strokes and unique blends of colour and depth, created with layers of water miscible oil and acrylic paint and inks. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto) and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (US), a past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan. Her paintings can be found in private collections internationally and seven galleries across North America including: ARTSY, New York, the Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary, Arte funktional, Kelowna, and Aspha Naira, Vernon, BC. See more of Martha’s art work at

To The Peak By Destanne Norris  

Medium: Oil on Canvas Panel (Framed)

Fair Market Value: $670.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:
Mountains. Love to be in them, on them and what they represent and symbolize. “To The Peak” was painted Plein Air during a recent journey to the Rocky Mountains.

“Throughout history, mountains have symbolized constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness… pilgrimages up sacred mountains symbolize aspiration and renunciation of wordly desires”

Seeing life through her eyes by Michelle Loughery

Medium: Encaustic

Fair Market Value: $5,000.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Loughery is an award-winning international Muralist and Studio Artist who uses a unique approach to creating large-scale public art installations that bring capacity building, communication, education and healing opportunities to communities. Notable pieces include the Vernon MuralProject, the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Mural Project, the Sunflower Project and the Route 66 Mural CityProject. She is a recipient of the BC Achievement award and the Okanagan Art Educator Award. Currently working on a digital art connection project called AR.T ROUTE BLUE. Her contemporary encaustic work is highly sought after and is in international collections worldwide.

Kalamalka Mirror by Gail Short

Medium: Acrylic on rice paper, adhered to canvas 

Fair Market Value: $700.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: Gail grew up in Montreal and Winnipeg. Originally, she trained and worked as a hospital bacteriologist. In 1987 she took a beginner’s watercolour course in White Rock, B.C., just for fun – and the rest is history. She has taken many courses through the Federation of Canadian Artists. She was on the board of the Vernon Art Gallery for 13 years, was a founding member of the Performing Arts Centre, was involved with Sveva Caetani as she planned her will and shared her vision for the Caetani Centre and has taught at the Vernon Community Arts Centre for over 20 years. This painting was inspired by walking in Kalamalka Park. It is a scenic gem of the North Okanagan and one of Gail’s favorite places to go.

Surf’s Up by Neil Erickson

Medium: Acrylic on board

Fair Market Value:  $2,500.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement:

Surfs Up is a painting about swimming in the Pacific warm surf. It’s both beautiful and a bit awesome. My love for the ocean has been with me all my life, but also there’s a bit of terror because the ocean will out-live us all. The ocean is forever. We came from the ocean, maybe we’ll return.”

“I was born, I’ve done a lot of paintings. I’m still alive.”-Neil Erickson

Summer Tapestry by Heidi Thompson 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Fair Market Value: 5,000.00

Artist Biography and Personal Statement: 

My aim is to capture beauty – not not by painting a landscape as I know it with trees, mountains, clouds or sunsets…rather by painting the essence of nature using her elements of colour, light, patterns, movement and space.

Heidi Thompson studied art and photography in Europe in the 1970’s. After returning home to Vernon she worked as a photographer, publisher and painter. In 1995, she published Sveva Caetani’s book, Recapitulation. Heidi exhibits her work in Switzerland, USA and Canada.

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