I The People: A Screening & Artist Talk

Featuring Self-Directed Artist-in-Residence Hyemin Park

Thursday, September 5th, 7pm-9pm

In the Caetani Cultural Centre Library

Event open to the public and all ages.

Hyemin PARK is an artist from South Korea. 

She graduated from Ewha Womans University with a BA in Fine Art and Chelsea College of Arts and Design with an MA in Fine Art.

She has participated in various exhibitions and residency programs including:

As a flaneur, she plays and strolls around a city, observing the city, inviting people to take part in her works and collaborating with people engaged in the course of her performance.

These passers-by become a critical part of her work through which they both collaborate to create something artistically meaningful and memorable.

Without their personal responses and actual participation, Hyemin’s work would not go any further or move towards the next stage.

By creating debates around some of the most profound issues of multiculturalism in contemporary art, especially theoretical and political perspectives on artistic practice, she attempts to represent aspects of the culture in which she live as well as to react to the society by engaging with the people.

Learn more about Hyemin and her art here.

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