Outline Your Memoir
a FREE workshop
with transformational memoir-writing instructor Janelle Hardy

In this 2 hour workshop you’ll go from not knowing where to start and not knowing what parts of your life you want to write about, to having:

  • a loose outline of your memoir
  • insight into the themes you’d like to explore
  • your life story timeline started
  • enthusiasm!

This is a fun workshop with a twist!

We’ll be using your favourite ancient tale (such as a fairytale, myth, folktale, family lore, etc) to develop your outline.

Outline Your Memoir

  • 2 hours
  • Saturday January 25th
  • 10am – 12pm

Cost: FREE

At the Caetani Cultural Centre

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Janelle Hardy WritingJanelle Hardy is the creator and teacher of an online transformational memoir-writing course called the Art of Personal Mythmaking.

She combines life as a practicing writer and artist with her 13+ years of experience as a hands-on healing arts practitioner, taking a gentle, body-based and trauma-informed approach to working with life stories and creativity.

To learn more and sign up for Janelle’s introductory and intermediate memoir writing classes at the Caetani Centre, click here.

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This free workshop is being offered in partnership with the Caetani Cultural Centre and Janelle Hardy.