Apply for our Patreon-funded Artist Residency Program at the Caetani Cultural Centre:

November 2020

~ Fogliano Room ~
~ Cosy quiet bedroom with desk and twin bed in the 3 bedroom Artist-in-Residence Suite in the Caetani heritage house ~
~ Private art studio (with a sink) in Caetani’s peaceful backyard ~

Funded residency includes lodging and studio

Artist is responsible for travel, art supplies and food and living expenses

Application Deadline

March 9th, midnight Pacific Time

Click here to apply!

All applicants will be notified by April 13th at the latest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of artists can apply?
How do you assess the applicants?
What kind of weather does Vernon have in November?
Can I bring my partner/child/friend for the residency?
Will I need a vehicle?

Contact Artist-in-Residence Coordinator at @[email protected]

The Patreon Fogliano 2020 Residency is a funded program (directly from our Patreon fundraiser) with a juried selection process.

The Caetani Centre has three other funded AiR programs, as well as an affordable year-round self-directed AiR program. Learn more here.