Ela Mukherjee is a ceramic artist and art educator based in Delhi, India.

Ela stayed at the Caetani Centre as part of our CeramAiR program from January, until her visit was cut short at the end of March due to COVID-19.
In partnership with the Vernon Community Arts Centre and the ACNO, we are thrilled to present Ela’s work to the public.
From June 26th to July 2nd, Ela’s work will be on display at the Vernon Community Arts Centre.
Her pieces are also on sale, so please ask staff for more information upon visiting.
When visiting, please remember that social distancing measures are being practiced. Masks are suggested and there is a sanitizing station available.

Click to watch our interview with Ela as she talks about her time in Vernon
and the inspiration behinds the collection “Snowflakes on My Shoulders”

Ela studied English Literature at Kolkata University before starting to work in clay.

She has been awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study ceramics in the US and the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship to do the same in the UK.

She is also a recipient of Junior and Senior fellowships awarded by Department of Culture, Government of India. Ela has participated in various national and international exhibitions and artist residency programs.

Besides practicing art as a freelance artist from her own studio in Delhi, Ela teaches in different art and design colleges as a visiting faculty.

She has done numerous workshops with varying age groups in India and abroad exploring different methods and materials.

She enjoys participating in community based projects especially while working abroad as it opens a window to interact with a larger group of people on various issues.

The work in the show is a record of my daily experience while being in the city of Vernon. Each of them has a story to tell which is inspired by daily personal experiences.  The reflections are not narrative in nature but worked as reference points for the work.The series is dedicated to the city of Vernon and I would like the art to stay with the people here. I would like to go back to my country just with the experience I had over the months and the legacy is left behind in the city among the people where the work  belongs.The work portrays a transition from Vernon winter to the onset of spring here and my experience through this journey.The works range from stark geometry in monochrome to  wider color palette and more fluidity with the changing season.

About Snowflakes on My Shoulder – a Vernon journal, Ela Mukherjee

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