Mathilde Rohr What's on your bread?
Mathilde Rohr: What’s on your bread?
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••• Work in progress •••

Artist Mathilde Rohr is seeking participants for her project

Looking for bread eaters who, at the next bite, would agree to complete the questionnaire below as well as to take a good quality picture of their bread dish.

Toast, sandwich, bagel, bruschetta, panini, tortilla, naan, chapati, barbari, gluten-free, sourdough, vegan,… any bread invention is accepted.

Please Link to Site for Questionnaire and send your picture:

Mathilde Rohr What’s on your Bread!

Thank you for your participation !

Being part of a universe of interdependencies, I observe and question our relationships with the other – human, environment, nature, non-human – therefore with our relationship to ourselves. I enjoy challenging our behaviors tinged with capitalism to see our authentic and genuine, sometimes vulnerable, attitudes/nature blossom. I create moments of ephemeral pauses, like chimerical bubbles in the real, where artistic experience arises from this encounter with the Other. Sometimes initiated by the mind, sometimes by the instinct, my practice is interdisciplinary; however, performance allows me to ground myself in my body and reach states of presence and consciousness that I wish to explore. Interested in the subtle layers of existence, I give importance to the imperceptible. Symbols, rituals, myths, memory, and sacredness constitute, among others, the background ofmy creative process. Recently, I›ve also been focusing my research on food, for its multisensory qualities as well as the ethical, ecological, spiritual and cultural issues that are related to it .


Originally from France, Mathilde Rohr received her BFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University, Montreal, in 2017.​ She has shown her work in both France and Quebec, and has both organized and participated in many performances, with some curatorial experience.

2017 Gravity Press Experimental Print Shop – North Adams, MA, USA
2014 PECAH – Manila, Uttarakhand, India

2016 FASA Large Special Project Grant
2016 Concordia Print Department Paper Grant

2016 Student Print Association – Executive Board Member – Concordia University, Montreal, QC
2016 Art Matters Festival, Montreal, QC

2016 Constructing Impressions, lEsprit-dhiver, auto-edition
2016 A la rescousse : the one-hour spatial residency, pouf! art + architecture