Joanne Sale: Artist Update

We caught up with Joanne Sale to find out what she has been working on while in residence at the Caetani centre. “I’ve been mainly working with the theme of endangered species/climate change for the past year and a half. The larger works that I’ve produced in that time have included a series of images […]

Krista Muir: LiveStream Audio Visual Extravaganza and Chanson-O-Gramme

Krista Muir Caetani Podcast

Livestream Show What Are You Looking For? The Krista Muir Show! Audio Visual Extravaganza livecast on YouTube February 3, 5 pm SIGN UP NOW! More info and accessible $5 tickets available here: Thanks for being a patron of the arts! A feast for the eyes and ears! Caetani AiR Krista Muir, composer, performer and […]

Krista Muir: Virtual Troubadour for a Space Age Serenade, January – April 2021

Krista Muir AIR composer musician artist

Find info and sign up NOW for Krista Muir’s Livestream Audio Visual Extravaganza Wednesday, February 5, 5 pm A curious polymath and lifelong student, Krista Muir has spent the past two decades as a composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer, digital storyteller, video-maker, workshop facilitator, audio engineer and curator of multi-disciplinary events. While in residency at […]