Please note that the Caetani Centre main house and residency space is closed during January and February due to construction. Residencies will resume in the spring. 

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122 x 102 (L x W)

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Commissioned by Leone Caetani and designed by Tullio Passarelli, the family villa on Gianicolo hill in Rome had yet to reach completion when the family left Italy to resettle in Vernon in 1921. The grand home, the top floor of which was the highest point on the Gianicolo at the time, suggests a rapidly escaping fantasy — the rise of fascism combined with complicated personal affairs deemed a future in Rome precarious, if not dangerous.

Villa Miraggio is both the unreachable past and the impossible future, the dreams that vanished in their failure to reflect or command the actual.

Sveva felt that the wave and spiked vertical shapes in the foreground of the painting reflected the patterns of the dreaming brain as recorded through EEG onto graphs, it also recalls the textural nature of tree bark.