Please note that the Caetani Centre main house and residency space is closed during January and February due to construction. Residencies will resume in the spring. 

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Thank you to the SPOKE Writers Collective: 
Kristin Froneman, Natalie Appleton, Hannah Calder,
Michelle Doege, Kerry Gilbert, Karen Meyer, Laisha Rosnau

96.5 x 76 (L x W)

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Treated with a delicate and reserved palette this work stands alone, isolated even, from the rest. Her offers a sensitive portrayal of the artist’s mother, Ofelia, contained within a transparent vessel — a symbol of her self-imposed retreat and reclusion from the world. Depicted as a frail figure draped by a sheer wing-like cloak, Sveva draws a parallel between Ofelia and a moth whose wings are withered and unable to sustain flight, as inspired by a scene in Annie Dillard’s book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek in which a captive cocoon emerges as a flightless, suffering moth.

Honouring Ofelia’s struggles with mental health, despite the suffering she inflicted upon Sveva, presents the nuanced and deeply devoted character of the relationship between the artist and her mother.