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81 x 102 (L x W)

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Before the façade of a church inspired by the iconic Italian churches Il Gesù and Santa Maria Novella, a recollection, a summons, and the beginning of an epic journey are taking place.

From left to right, Sveva recalls the relationship with her father, describing “the tree of blood they shared” as the backdrop to their early relationship, and her pain in his death represented as her raw form in their later relationship. At far right, his spirit emerges to reunite with the artist and to guide her, as Virgil did, through a reimagining of the spiritual toils of Dante’s Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

It is through the entrance to the 15th century Italian church that their journey through hell begins, thus portraying the start of a recollected timeline of the artist’s life that began in Rome surrounded by such architecture. 

This sense of time lent by the superimposed subjects upon the scene introduces the narrative sensibility that will continue to inform the series, while also portraying a connection between the act of remembering and transcendence.