Caetani Splash Artworks for Auction

AJ Jaeger

As a German born Canadian, AJ Jaeger’s heritage and travels are expressed in her work as a contemporary artist. As a graduate of the University of British Columbia-Okanagan, having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013, she is also the past Chairperson of the Board of the Caetani Cultural Centre Society in Vernon, BC.  She is a passionate advocate in the local art community, teaching mixed media, working with collage in inventive, creative ways in her workshops, and designing successful art exhibitions. 

Jaeger believes that art is visual storytelling, communicating a needed message, showcasing beliefs, heritage, and vision. Her work has deliberately evolved to depict the complexity and contrast of life through a combination of mediums, symbolism, and surface patterns. She is inspired by creating poignant works of art, that catch the attention of people distracted by everyday life, as a rally-cry to remind us all to focus on what matters most. Intuitively acknowledging the uncertainty of life, fuels her creative mind and heart to keep expressing unedited emotions that positively transform our collective future.

They Still Stand Strong in LOVE!, 36 x 36″, Mixed media on canvas. 

FMV: $1,850

Ann Willsie

Ann has spent most of her life painting in oils, both in studio and in the outdoors, en plein air. She has participated in and helped organize many plein air events throughout Canada during her career. Being primarily a landscape painter, Ann’s style of painting is very loose and impressionistic, characterized by thick oil paint, harmonious colour and visible brushstrokes. Most of her paintings depict the splendour of the natural landscape around us, both large-scale panoramic vistas as well as close-up trees, grasses and flowers.

Her work is shown in galleries in Ontario, Alberta and B.C., and held in collections around the world. She is an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America, and has won numerous awards in various FCA shows and Plein Air Festivals. Ann spends most of her time working and teaching at her studio in Lake Country, B.C.



The Odd Couple, 36 x 48″, Oil on canvas.

FMV: $3,750

Brazen Edwards

Brazen Edwards is a versatile artist who was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She attended high school at the newly developed Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts then later enrolled in the BA Criminology Program at the University of Alberta and was given special permission to take Art Fundamentals as a component of her degree.

Edwards then went on to pursue a career with the RCMP and relocated to the Okanagan in 2009. She found the region to be incredibly inspiring and realizing art was her true calling she began devoting herself to that pursuit in 2010 and has been fortunate enough to have her artwork collected internationally.

She now resides in Vancouver, Canada, but spends part of the year painting and travelling the world. Along with her studio and exhibition practice, she also provides workshops, painting demonstrations and organizes art events worldwide. Her latest project is a long term art residency in Europe.



Sea of Love, 40 x 30”, Acrylic

FMV: $2,800

Carmen Thompson

Golden Hour is the time between day and night in which everything feels balanced. Creating something that straddles the line between controlled and wild is a pursuit that continues with this work.

Growing up in Vernon, Carmen was influenced from a young age by her mother, fellow abstract artist, Heidi Thompson. Drawing inspiration from Gerhard Richter to Banksy, Carmen has been painting her whole life. She graduated with honors from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2017 with a BFA in Painting, she now lives and works in Christina Lake, BC.




Golden Hour, 24 x 24″, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

FMV: $600

Charley Hampton

Charley Hampton began painting in 2017 and has participated in many exhibitions since 2019, including a solo show at Gallery Vertigo, Vernon. He teaches painting classes at the Vernon Community Arts Centre. 

Hampton believes that art is learning to express himself in ways that he cannot otherwise do; it’s about taking risks, learning through growth, living with the fear of making mistakes, and connecting with people who understand.

The Japanese principle of satori describes his connection to art: satori is continually acquiring new points of view and perspectives through which we deal with life.


View from the Bridge, 38 x 38”, Acrylic mixed media

FMV: $1,100

David Powter

David’s paintings often include textures such as fabric and various other mediums. Inspired by nature’s colours and shapes, he begins the creative process with a focal point and then moves around the canvas until the edges are anchored. The shapes within the painting and their relationship to each other are integral to the works’ entire expression.

David paints for his own pleasure, but hopes that viewers will respond to his art by identifying something to which they can personally relate.



Elektra, Mixed media, 36 x 36”

FMV: $950

Destanne Norris 

Norris was awarded a BFA (Honours) Degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Victoria in British Columbia in 1987 and a Master of Fine Art Degree by Research at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in 2009. 

The natural environment is the source of Norris’ inspiration and explorations. Her work is based on her direct experience where investigation, memory and imagination are amalgamated into her visual language. Norris paints and draws intuitively, allowing the subject to dictate the methodology and style. An overarching theme in her landscape painting is the mirroring of ‘inscape and landscape’.

Norris’ paintings have been exhibited in public, university, and artist-run galleries in Canada, Australia, and Germany. Her paintings have been sold to many national and international private collectors and can be found in corporate and public collections.

Shape of the Land 1, Oil on birch panel, 16.25 x 19.25”

FMV: $745

Diana Gritten

Diana Gritten is an accomplished artist born in Jamaica and living in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Since her early twenties, Diana has always been keen for the arts. Studying at the Okanagan University College in the early nineties, as well as many travels to various parts of the world, has offered her the opportunity to improve her craft through art workshops, private lessons, and photography. Gritten immerses herself in the rich culture and people of each country she visits, while implementing the techniques taught to her along the way. Art history also plays a key role in her paintings and collages. 

Much of Gritten’s works have been shown in galleries throughout the Okanagan Valley. Private collections of her art can be found in many countries throughout the world. To this day Diana enjoys the freedom to paint at her studio in her home. She continues to offer private and group lessons, as well as art healing techniques.

Womankind, 30 x 24”, Mixed media

FMV: $850

Evalynne McDougall

Diversity of style, medium, and subject best describes Ev’s approach to art. Although currently working primarily in acrylic and pastel, the subject itself often dictates both the medium and the style. She especially likes taking a moment in time, and transforming it into a unique experience that allows for a different take on our world. For Ev, art is a ‘visual dialogue’ that allows her to transcend the need for words, and still convey complex moods or meanings.

Ev holds an Honours BA with distinction, from the University of Saskatchewan, and an MA from the University of Alberta. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, an Elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, a Signature member of the Northwest Pastel Society, and the Pastel Society of America, a Master pastelist with Pastel Artists Canada, and a Distinguished member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Her work can be found in galleries and private collections throughout North America.

City Landscape, 24 x 36″, Acrylic.

FMV: $1,000

Stormy Weather, 24 x 48″, Oil on canvas.

FMV: $2,000

Gabrielle Strong

A graduate of Emily Carr University, Gabrielle’s practice is split between painting, ceramics and public art. Originally from the coast, she draws inspiration from dramatic overcast skies and themes of water, which recur throughout her practice. Following graduation, she dove into a six-month Artist Residency at the Vernon Community Arts Centre through the Caetani Centre’s CeramAiR Program, which ultimately led her to make the Okanagan her home permanently. 

In 2017 Gabrielle was awarded a major public art commission by the City of Vernon and the Downtown Vernon Association to create a participatory public work of art commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday. At over 150 feet long, Mosaic River was successfully installed in Cenotaph Park the following year. This past spring, Gabrielle’s solo show Spring Showers, exhibited at the Peachland Art Gallery in Peachland, BC. Her paintings are represented by Gallery Merrick in Victoria and through the American online gallery, PXP Contemporary.

Gail Short 

Gail began painting in Vancouver in 1986, taking courses with the Federation of Canadian Artists. In the years since moving back to Vernon in 1988, she has continued to take courses and has been very involved with the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Caetani Cultural Centre and the Vernon Community Arts Centre,

She painted this image while working on ideas for a show called ‘Art and the Modern Elder.’ The objective was to put a positive slant on aging. To understand the message, one needs to read the printing on the painting, starting at the bottom and working your way up.




Symbolism of Aging Using Colour Theory, 24 x 24”,  Watercolour.

FMV: $300

Gale Woodhouse painting group

Gale Woodhouse, Kara Barkved, Colleen Faulkner, Valerie Kordyban, Diana Gritten and Lana Schuster gathered together at the Vernon Community Arts Centre for a day of creation and inspiration.  Each artist has their own artistic identity and each, following the isolation of covid, expressed a desire to connect with their peers  in a  professional development environment.

Through collective work, artists have the opportunity to grow and learn together both as individual parts and within a single stronger whole and although the focus for the day was on their own body of work the artists collectively shared tips and demonstrated techniques that they use in their personal studio practice.  

The Gathering evolved naturally in the last hours of the session and represents the collective experience of the day. Each artist contributed to the work and each mark and brushstroke was discussed and analyzed. The work was painted, painted over, recreated and refreshed many times until an agreement was reached that the piece was finally complete.

This work is the culmination of a wonderful painting day spent with inspiring women artists.

The Gathering, Acrylic mixed media, 36 x 36”

FMV: $1,000

Gene Prokop

Gene Prokop studied his BFA at the Alberta College of Art, and his BEd at the University of Alberta. He has facilitated painting workshops in Buenos Aires and six other Argentine cities, as well as in Kelowna, Camrose, and Quesnel. He has had international exhibitions in Paris, New York, Buenos Aires and Carmel, California as well as national exhibitions in Ottawa and Edmonton, Canada. In Edmonton he has an art gallery and studio where he teaches painting in the classical realist, naturalist, and impressionist manner. His Atelier classes have 300 adults.


Morning Light, Oil on canvas, 41 x 53″ .

FMV: $5,500.00

Heidi Thompson

Thompson’s aim is to capture beauty – not by painting a landscape as she knows it with trees, mountains, clouds or sunsets; rather by using nature’s visual elements – color, light, pattern, movement and space to create images that express beauty.

Heidi studied art at the University of Art and Design Zürich, the Nürnberg Art Academy and the Hungarian University of Art. In 1982 she returned to Vernon and worked as a photographer and painter. She currently exhibits her paintings internationally.




October Optimism 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40”.

FMV: $5,000

Jane Tanner

Jane Tanner studied painting at CF Mott College, University of Liverpool from 1966-1969. After emigrating to Canada in 1970, she discovered Canadian art and paintings, which were beautifully tailored to express the vastness and wilderness of Canada. Beguiled by the Group of Seven and Emily Carr, she has tried to capture some of the untamed feel of BC in her own art. Her father often took her to the big London galleries. He loved the Turners, and he also collected original art himself. In this way, Tanner grew up with a great appreciation and love for art.





Big Cedar by the Water, 32 x 28″, Acrylic.

FMV: $900.00

Julie Oakes

Julie Oakes holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba, a Professional Teaching Certificate from UBC, a Master’s Degree in Art and Art Professions from New York University, and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Theory from New School University, NY. Oakes has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for over fifty years, including extensive solo exhibitions.

Miss Juul was the lifelong companion and the subject of Laisha Rosnau’s book Little Fortress. The title is from the well-known Peter Greenaway movie, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. Oakes believes that the Caetani story occupies much the same status here in Vernon. The double drawing’s bottom panel was drawn in pencil in the Caetani House Museum in Vernon and developed with gouache in the studio. For the smaller top panel, Oakes used drawings done in Belgium of an Aztec figurine and also a painting by Judith Jurica as reference.



Double panel: (top) Our Sacramental Obscure Nature; (bottom) Miss Juul, The Count, his Wife and her Daughter, 28.5 x 51”, Gouache and pencil on black paper.

FMV: $1,000

Juve Furtado

Juve Furtado was born in Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal. After 32 years in education as a teacher and high school administrator in Winnipeg Manitoba, Juve retired to Vernon, British Columbia where he pursued his love of art and photography. He has always been drawn to the beauty of nature’s seasonal landscapes and wildlife. He is a self-taught artist and his preferred medium is watercolor. He enjoys photographing landscapes and rustic scenes when hiking or traveling abroad. These images become the inspiration for his paintings. Furtado’s goal is always to create art that he hopes will resonate with the viewer in a meaningful way.

Furtado resides in Vernon, British Columbia and is a Signature (AFCA) member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an Elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). His work is featured annually in various FCA and SCA juried shows as well as Lake Country’s Annual Art Walk. Furtado’s work is in private collections in Canada, US and abroad.

Old Smith House, Vernon, 16 x 20”, Watercolour.

FMV: $800

Kara Barkved

Kara Barkved is an established international selling artist, born in Montreal but has lived in BC since 1969.  She graduated from the University of Victoria in 1983 with a BFA and an MA in 1991. She has studied art, art therapy and psychology, and has been involved in the arts and visual arts all of her life. Kara is a versatile artist working in different mediums, and whose main interest is in Abstract Art. Her paintings evolve out of spontaneous marks that mingle with her imagination and the influence from the world around her. Her current work is available at : Arte Funktional, Nadine’s Fine Arts Vernon BC, Federation Gallery Vancouver BC.

About 3 years ago, Kara Barkved moved to Vancouver Island to immerse herself in the rich environment of the coast. The island and the oceanscape imagery seeped into her work intuitively into her paintings. Although she now resides in the Okanagan, that experience will continue to influence her artistic vision for some time to come.

Blue Mist, 40 x 30”, Mixed media

FMV: $2,500

Kathryn Ross

Kathryn Ross is a painter who is passionate about nature, wildlife, flowers and birds, and enjoys rendering her impressions of them in oil paint. Residing in the rural area of the North Okanagan, she spends her time tending to her horses, fruit trees and flower garden with her dog Jazz at her side. One of her favourite daily pastimes is watching the multitude of birds that visit her various bird feeders. These are some of her many sources of inspiration. She is attracted to the play of light and shadow, and is always exploring the world around her in search of new subjects and to develop as an artist. 

Ross is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Okanagan Artists of Canada Society.


Bounty of Blossoms, Oil, 24 x 24”.

FMV: $895

Kathy Munts

Kathy Munts is a 2D artist residing in rural Lumby. Whether it be with different media, textures, painting surfaces, techniques, or incorporating found objects into a piece, the possibilities for creative expression keep expanding. Nature and florals are a major source of inspiration, but Kathy also loves the challenge of doing a non-conceptual and letting the painting dictate the journey.  Her goal is to never stop learning, experimenting, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Munts loves color, texture, and the effect that light has on even the most unsuspecting subject matter. She is inspired by her surroundings, often nature and flowers, but she is also trying to play with the level of realism and to make her work loose and more painterly. The more she experiments, the more she realizes that she has so much more to learn, and now fully appreciates that creating art is a part of who she is and is a practice of honouring something essential in her life.

Let it Go, 18 x 24”, Mixed media.

FMV: $600

Lana Schuster

Lana Schuster was born at home in Regina in the middle of a cold winter’s night. Growing up on the prairies imbued her with a love of spacious skies and room to roam. Now living in Vernon, she continues to seek and express that kind of space. Working in mixed media, Lana’s paintings are often large in scale, whether landscape, abstract, portrait, or inspired by her garden. Drawing inspiration from biking and hiking with friends, gardening with her husband, exploring the great wide open with family, and the interior of self, Lana strives to convey her sensibilities. 

Canola in a Prairie Sky was painted last year after returning from the prairies during the bloom of the bright yellow canola.The prairie skies changed daily as they do, from calm and serene like a blue lake, to stormy and turbulent like an indigo ocean. The excitement of the changing landscape and watching it roll by inspired this piece.

Canola in a Prairie Sky, 36 x 36”, Acrylic on canvas.

FMV: $1,200


Filtered Day, 12 x 36”, Acrylic.

FMV: $650


Martha Moore

Martha was educated through to university in Calgary AB and has spent the last 30 years in Alberta and Ontario.  After a fulfilling career in Television broadcast journalism with ITV and Global Communications and McLuhan and Davies Communications (Toronto) she credits her move to the beautiful Okanagan Valley as the motivation behind the shift from interpreting her world through writing to drawing and painting. 

Moore’s paintings are recognized for their strong expressive strokes, emotional energy and unique blends of colour and her paintings can be found in galleries and cities across North America including ARTSY, New York NY, Arte funktional, Vernon BC, Courthouse Gallery, Kamloops BC and the Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC.

Martha is a Past President of the North Okanagan FCA, and member of the TNSC, and NO-FCA, a Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan and her art designations include Elected member status of the national Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto) and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (USA).

Michelle Loughery

British Columbia Achievement Award winning artist Michelle Loughery’s work stretches from massive community murals, large scale portraiture, to evocative contemporary encaustic exhibition work. Loughery also is the host of an artist based podcast that focuses on art stories and her past experiences on walls around the globe. This revealing medium shares the stories of the thousands of people that shared their cultural stories with Loughery as she spent 30 years of her life on the streets painting murals and creating legacy community projects. Loughery has created a Wayfinding Art Creative community infrastructure model (THE WAYFINDER PROJECT )that has been duplicated world wide. Loughery is currently leading a global social tourism renewal Art Project called The Sunflower Project.





Sun Shadows, 48 x 36”, Encaustic and ink

FMV: $5,500

Melissa Dinwoodie

Melissa Dinwoodie is a visual artist living in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. She received her BFA from the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2001 and received her 2nd degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007. She specializes in acrylic and mixed media painting and illustration. Her practice focuses on figurative and portrait art, fascinated with the possible connection between the viewer and subject matter. 

Always experimenting with different materials and surfaces, Dinwoodie believes that art can be the communication between people that encourages conversations, relationships, education and growth. The art process is her survival guide and the way she connects.




Journey, 36 x 30”, Acrylic and ink on canvas

FMV: $1,500

Neil Erickson

On a recent trip to Victoria, Erickson and his wife happened upon a large pool of water at the Parkside Hotel containing these koi. In watching them, he was entranced by their colours and the light and energetic quality of the school of these amazing creatures. A world within our world. The imagery really grabbed him!









Koi Story, 60 x 30”, Acrylic on board.

FMV: $6,000

Raven Zeller

An intuitive experimental abstract artist, Raven Zeller is ever merging her insatiable curiosity for the vast mysteries of the Universe, an immense love for bold colour, and her unfailing optimism for the emotional evolution of humanity, to canvas. She describes her artwork as “living energy transmissions”, as each piece is an activated vibrational collaboration with the various energies that present as she creates.

Every piece is a dance through motion and colour, often featuring metallic accents and subtle shimmers through the various mixed media she incorporates in each painting.

Raven’s artwork has been featured in many International Magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, World Of Interiors, and House & Garden. Her artworks have been shown in gallery exhibitions throughout the world. 

Raven has been creating in her studio at the Caetani Centre since 2020. She offers her original paintings, as well the option to commission your own unique energy reading on canvas.

Thunder Beings, 36 x 36”, Mixed media.

FMV: $1,650

Shannon Wylie

Shannon Wylie considers herself extremely fortunate to have been born, and still live, in Vernon. Her education in fine arts and graphic design served her well in her 30 year career in the promotional products industry, many years of which included graphic design and screen printing.

Returning to her fine arts roots, she discovered soft pastels, which she is combining with her passion for animals to produce custom pet portraits. Her works are a blend of lifelike detail with painterly strokes of color and texture. Each painting is built with multiple layers of color as she strives to capture the essence of each animal and provide a treasured, lasting memory.

Custom Pet Portraits, 16 x 14”, Pastel on paper.

FMV: $350

Valerie Kordyban

Heavily influenced by artists associated with Abstract Expressionism, Valerie Kordyban paints fearlessly with joy and freedom, producing bold and colourful impressions with energy and depth.  At the Precipice tends towards a more neutral palette focusing on a mood created by the natural beauty of our world.  Still typically characteristic of her paintings, it features a layered and marked surface with numerous areas of interest.  Retired many years ago from the legal and corporate world, Valerie resides with her husband on beautiful Kal Lake within walking distance of the Park which inspires much of Valerie’s work, including this piece.




On the Precipice, 36 x 36”, Mixed media.

FMV: $675

Wanda Lock

Wanda Lock was born in Oliver, BC and grew up in Oyama. She began her artistic training at Okanagan University College in Kelowna, then switched to the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, where she graduated in 1992. Since then, she has lived and worked in Lake Country, BC. 

Lock’s practice is based in painting and expands into drawing, collage, and installation. Her works often play with themes of domesticity, nostalgia, and banality. She also has a curatorial practice and has been working as the curator of the Lake Country Art Gallery since 2015. 

Lock’s recent exhibitions include: The Year We Disappeared, Vernon Public Art Gallery 2020; A Studio of Ones’ Own, HeadBones Art Gallery 2018; Drawing from Life, Kelowna Art Gallery 2016; Escape Artists, Kelowna Art Gallery 2016; and Flying Machines and Poems Sung by Strangers, Kelowna Art Gallery’s Satellite Gallery at the Kelowna International Airport 2013.

Still Life with Crustacean, 30 x 24”, Oil on canvas.

FMV: $500