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Caetani Splash Artworks for Auction 2023

More to Come!

AJ Jaeger

As a German born Canadian, my heritage and travels are expressed in my work as a contemporary artist. My artwork is exhibited in private collections in Europe, the Bahamas, USA and Canada. I am also the past Chairperson of the Board of the Caetani Cultural Centre Society in Vernon, BC. I am a passionate advocate in the local art community, teaching mixed media, working with collage in inventive, creative ways in my workshops, and designing successful art exhibitions.




Joyous, 24 x 48″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $1,695

Angela Hansen

Angela is a Lake Country-based artist who creates with encaustics. Her work is recognized for its organic-inspired biomorphic imagery, sculptural qualities and use of texture. Angela has exhibited in Canada and the US with 2 installations in 2021: “BREATH” at the Alternator, and “BRINK” at the KAG; in 2022 she had an encaustic installation at the VPAG entitled “CONSUME”. In 2023 an installation called “Waxing Whimsical” featuring small encaustic wall sculptures will be at The CUBE for Art@KCT.
Angela works with the medium of encaustic; its versatility of applications drives her art-making practice and is made of natural ingredients, beeswax and tree resin. Her encaustic works are inspired by the flora and fauna of our forests and the ocean depths as well as the Okanagan landscape. Angela’s biomorphic wall sculptures constructed of twine, paper and encaustic medium are sometimes whimsical, curious, or strange and when many are arranged together, appear as a living wall or coral reef.



A View from Spion Kop, 30 x 30″, Encaustic and Oil 

FMV: $1,200

Ann Willsie

Ann has spent most of her life painting in oils, both in studio and in the outdoors. She has participated in many plein air events throughout Canada during her career. The subjects of her paintings are mostly landscapes and bigger than life florals. Ann is known for her impressionistic, loose style of painting, characterized by thick paint, harmonious color and visible brushstrokes. She is a Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, and has won numerous awards at shows and Plein Air Festivals throughout her career.

“There is something magical about our natural surroundings, something that is hard to put down in words. I have always tried to capture that feeling when I paint my landscapes and florals – the lineal personality of trees, the uniqueness and imperfection of flowers . When I paint, I strive to pay tribute to that natural world that we sometimes forget exists.


Into the Meadow, 48 x 36″, Oil on Linen 

FMV: $3,750

Barbara Fresz
Barbara creates bold, colourful paintings, that build an emotional connection with the subject matter through loose and abstracted brush strokes.
Barbara is a BC based artist, while originally from Germany, she has been calling the Okanagan home for the past 18 years.
Working in the fashion industry for most of her life, she has always been drawn to painting the human form, especially faces – and of lately, that also includes animals.
She now lives on a ranch, which has provided her with ample subject matter to paint, from her small herd of goats, to horses and cattle and all the wildlife travelling through.
She is fascinated by the play of light and shadow on her subject matter and paints intuitively in often abstracted colours. Starting out with a plan, she lets the painting process lead the way to completing a piece. Capturing the emotion of a moment in time on the canvas is what drives her to paint.




Serenity, 36 x 48″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $1,750

Charley Hampton

Art is learning to express myself in ways that I cannot otherwise do. It’s about taking risks, learning through growth, living with the fear of making mistakes, and connecting with people who understand.

The Japanese principle of satori describes my connection to art: satori is continually acquiring new points of view and perspectives through which we deal with life.

The natural environment is rich with artistic inspiration and is an invitation to expression in a wide spectrum of ways.

My approach is to view natural surroundings with an emphasis on structure, texture, color and movement. My focus is on abstract interpretation of this view.

Abstract interpretation of the natural environment permits me to allow emotional connection to blend with technical execution and invites the viewer to be open to an unexpected connection to the natural environment.



Stepping Stones, 40 x 30″, Acrylic Media 

FMV: $1,200

David Powter

My paintings often include textures such as fabrics and various other mediums. Inspired by nature’s colours and shapes, I begin the creative process with a focal point and then move around the canvas until the edges are anchored. The shapes within the painting and their relationship to each other are integral to the works’ entire expression.

I paint for my own pleasure, but hope that viewers will respond to my art by identifying something to which they can personally relate.






Fire Dance, 30 x 24″, Mixed

FMV: $650

Evalynne McDougall

Diversity of style, medium, and subject best describes Ev’s approach to art. Although currently working primarily in acrylic and pastel, the subject itself often dictates both the medium and the style. She especially likes taking a moment in time, and transforming it into a unique experience that allows for a different take on our world. For Ev, art is a ‘visual dialogue’ that allows her to transcend the need for words, and still convey complex moods or meanings.

Ev holds an Honours BA with distinction, from the University of Saskatchewan, and an MA from the University of Alberta. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, an Elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, a Signature member of the Northwest Pastel Society, and the Pastel Society of America, a Master pastelist with Pastel Artists Canada, and a Distinguished member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Her work can be found in galleries and private collections throughout North America.



Circles of Life, 24 x 24″, Flourescent Acrylic

FMV: $600

After the Rain II, 48 x 12″, Oil on Canvas 

FMV: $1,650


Gabrielle Strong

A graduate of Emily Carr University, Gabrielle’s practice is split between painting, ceramics and public art. Originally from the coast, she draws inspiration from dramatic overcast skies and themes of water, which reoccur throughout her practice. In 2017 Gabrielle was awarded a major public art commission by the City of Vernon and the Downtown Vernon Association to create a participatory public work of art commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday. At over 150 feet long, Mosaic River was successfully installed in Cenotaph Park the following year. Gabrielle exhibited her solo show “Spring Showers” last year at the Peachland Art Gallery. Her paintings are represented by Gallery Merrick in Victoria, Ashdale Gallery in North Vancouver and through the American online gallery, PXP.

Gail Short 

Gail began painting in Vancouver in 1986, taking courses with the Federation of Canadian Artists. In the years since moving back to Vernon in 1988, she has continued to take courses and has been very involved with the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Caetani Cultural Centre and the Vernon Community Arts Centre,

She painted this image while working on ideas for a show called ‘Art and the Modern Elder.’ The objective was to put a positive slant on aging. To understand the message, one needs to read the printing on the painting, starting at the bottom and working your way up.  






 Quintessential Okanagan, 20 x 16″, Acrylic on Canvas Framed

FMV: $500

Heidi Thompson

Heidi strives to create paintings that illuminate, soothe and vitalize the soul. She writes: “My aim is to capture beauty – not by painting a landscape as I know it with trees, mountains, clouds or sunsets; rather by painting the essence of nature using her elements of colour, light, patterns, texture, movement and space.”
Heidi was born and raised in Vernon. From 1974 to 1979 she studied art in Europe. After returning home she worked as a photographer and painter. Heidi met Sveva Caetani and they formed a close friendship. Sveva encouraged Heidi to follow her unique vision as a painter, advice that Heidi has been forever grateful for. During their ten-year friendship, Heidi documented Sveva’s life and work which culminated in the book Recapitulation.




A Butterfly’s Dream, 50 x 40″, Acrylic on Canvas

FMV: $5,000

Jane Tanner

I studied art (ceramics and painting) at CFMOTT College at the University of Liverpool, UK from 1966-1969. After I immigrated to Canada in 1970, to beautiful BC, I found a landscape of unparalled beauty and wildness. I hope that the love of God and his beautiful creation are expressed in my art.








B.X. Creek Cedars, 40 x 30″, Acrylic 

FMV: $1,200

In the Closet Holding, 32 x 58″, gouache and pencil on black papers, two panels framed as one 

FMV: $1,000

Julie Oakes 

The large panel is a pencil drawing was done at the Caetani Centre on site and then I worked up imagery with gouache in the studio. The smaller drawing (above) was done in a European museum and the gouache added using the dragonfly imagery to relate to the larger piece below.
As if we are inside a closet, where a tiny door of light indicates the outside, clothes of the Count, Countess and the child, Sveva, hang amongst the moths and pretty insects, just as Sveva’s loveliness was kept under wraps, confined as she was by her mother for 25 years.


Julie Oakes

Travelling with Chicken Bones, powder coated, welded, stainless steel   
FMV: $2000

Juve Furtado

I love the outdoors and enjoy photographing seasonal landscapes, rustic scenes and wildlife that I encounter throughout our beautiful Okanagan and abroad. The images I capture become the inspiration for my paintings. I’m a self-taught artist and my preferred medium is watercolour. My painting style would be described as realism although I do enjoy taking the liberty to exaggerate both light and colour in my work. My greatest reward in creating art is to see my work connect and resonate with the viewer in a meaningful way.

Juve is an AFCA Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. His work is featured annually in various FCA juried shows. Juve’s work is in private collections in Canada, the US and abroad.



Autumn Flight II, 18 x 24″, Watercolour 

FMV: $1,200

Kara Barkved

Kara Barkved is an established international selling artist, born in Montreal but has lived in BC since 1969.  She graduated from the University of Victoria in 1983 with a BFA and an MA in 1991. She has studied art, art therapy and psychology, and has been involved in the arts and visual arts all of her life. Kara is a versatile artist working in different mediums, and whose main interest is in Abstract Art. Her paintings evolve out of spontaneous marks that mingle with her imagination and the influence from the world around her. Her current work is available at : Arte Funktional, Nadine’s Fine Arts Vernon BC, Federation Gallery Vancouver BC.







Fly Blackbird Fly, 36 x 72″, Acrylic 

FMV: $3,500

 Kathryn Ross

Kathryn is an oil painter who has alway been involved in creating art. Her artistic passion is nature, flowers, wildlife, birds, and figurative studies. Residing in the rural area of the North Okanagan, she paints full time, along with tending to her horses, fruit trees and flower garden, with her dog Jazz at her side. One of her favourite daily pastimes is watching the multitude of birds that visit her various bird feeders. These are some of her many sources of inspiration. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Okanagan Artists of Canada Society. or follow on Instagram: kathrynlross




Spring Blossoms, 24 x 24″, Acrylic 

FMV: $895

Kathy Hale

Kathy Hale gives voice to paint, cultivating intrigue and a sense of emotion through a wide diversity of uncontrived mark-making. Drips, wipes, splatters, squiggles, smears, passages of heavy impasto tempered by light transparent passages, warms played against cools, a note of pure chroma singing amidst rich grays — these are the hallmarks of Kathy’s art.

Kathy’s art education has been through years of lessons and a multitude of workshops in Canada and USA. She has been exhibiting and selling her work for over 15 years.





Daydreaming, 30 x 40″, Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

FMV: $960


Kathy Munts

Kathy Munts is a 2D artist residing in rural Lumby. Whether it be with different media, textures, painting surfaces, techniques, or incorporating found objects into a piece, the possibilities for creative expression keep expanding. Nature and florals are a major source of inspiration, but Kathy also loves the challenge of doing a non-conceptual and letting the painting dictate the journey.  Her goal is to never stop learning, experimenting, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Munts loves color, texture, and the effect that light has on even the most unsuspecting subject matter. She is inspired by her surroundings, often nature and flowers, but she is also trying to play with the level of realism and to make her work loose and more painterly. The more she experiments, the more she realizes that she has so much more to learn, and now fully appreciates that creating art is a part of who she is and is a practice of honouring something essential in her life.


Fearless Confidence, 24 x 30″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $792

Lana Schuster

Lana was born in Regina and has lived most of her life in Vernon. Growing up on the prairies imbued her with a love of nature, wide open spaces, and room to roam. Now living in Vernon, British Columbia, Lana continues to seek and express that kind of space.

Working in mixed media, Lana’s paintings are often large in scale, whether abstract, landscape, gardenscape, portrait, or still life. Drawing inspiration from biking and hiking with friends and family, gardening with her husband, swimming and paddling in Kalamalka Lake, Lana strives to convey her sensibilities.




Moonlight Swim, 48 x 48″, Acrylic on Canvas 

FMV: $2,000

Liz MacArthur

Liz’s works in oils and acrylics and loves painting Okanagan landscapes. She is drawn particular to how light affects the mood and texture of a landscape in any season. An avid hiker, Liz is always on the lookout for a compelling scene that nature so generously offers.
Liz has lived in Vernon for 30 years and is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Okanagan Artists of Canada. She has won several awards in many juried art shows.




Grey Canal Foothills, 24 x 36″, Acrylic

FMV: $1,000

Sand and Steel, 16 x 40″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $750

Martha Moore

Martha Moore SCA NCFA OSA
“When I paint, I am totally immersed in the moment and lose hours focused on my canvas the marks I make and the feelings they evoke. Beneath layers of texture and colour a story on canvas begins to emerge and I’m very grateful for the ‘stories’ I’m able to create and the connections and pleasure they bring to others.” Martha’s paintings can be found in ARTE Funktional (soon relocated to Spain), Mountainside Gallery, Collingwood ON, Dragonfly Arts, Orangeville ON and ARTSPER Paris, France.
After 11 years in the Okanagan Martha now lives on Georgian Bay and continues to be active on the board of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the arts and the Toronto Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her art designations include Elected member status in the national Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto), NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (USA) and the Ontario Society of Artists.
Martha Moore [email protected]

Mary Tremayne

Vernon artist Mary Tremayne was born and raised in Montreal, Que. and obtained her Fine arts degree at McGill and U.Vic. ( B.Ed). For many years , she has maintained a studio and makes her living as both a clay and a visual artist. “My acrylic paintings often include texture, and are an exploration of colour , shapes and their relationships. I am influenced by what I see around me. This interpretation is a surprising field of brilliant purple wildflowers called Dame’s Rocket , in an undeveloped space within the city.”



Purple Haze, 30 x 24″, Acrylic on Board, 

FMV: $1,000

Melissa Dinwoodie 

Melissa Dinwoodie is a visual artist living in the Okanagan Valley. Since graduating with her BFA from UBCO in 2001, Melissa has been a practicing her art for over 20 years, in cities that include Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

She specializes in acrylic & mixed media painting, as well as illustration. Creating layers and depth with color and texture is the abstract ‘play’ that Melissa loves. Focusing on figurative and portrait art, she is fascinated with the connection between the viewer and the subject matter. Her belief is that art can be the communication between people that ignites conversations, relationships, education and growth.



Connections, 36 x36″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $1,900

Michelle Loughery

British Columbia Achievement Award winning and world renown artist Michelle Loughery’s work stretches from massive murals, portraiture, to evocative contemporary encaustic exhibition work and mixed portrait and mixed media gallery & digital installations.

Loughery’s art practice is multi-layered and involves digital story-telling and presentation during the process of the creation and exhibition of each painting or mixed media gallery installation she creates.

Loughery also is the host of an artist-based podcast ART ROUTE RADIO that focuses on art stories and her past experiences on walls around the globe. This revealing medium shares the stories of the thousands of people that shared their cultural stories with Loughery as she spent 30 years of her life on the streets painting wayfinding monument murals in a connected community legacy building trail. The WAYFINDER ART model has been the impetus for raising millions of dollars for community infrastructure around the globe.

“The Sea is Broken” and We Are All Sailors, 36 x 48″, Mixed Media Encaustic on Wood Panels

FMV: $5,500

Neil Erickson

It’s an honour to be part of the annual Caetani exhibition/auction and I’m excited to submit this years piece entitled “FRESH IS BEST’.Living in the Okanagan gives me inspiration with its sun filled days, the wetlands, woodlands, and forests so close to trek through. The imagery calls me and I work a specific image in my mind for days, sometimes weeks ahead of the studio time. When the day comes to paint I set up the panel and feel a mixture of trepidation and anticipation then just dive in and paint like hell, feeling great urgency and energy in the expressive moment.




Fresh is Best, 48 x 48″, Acrylic on Board 

FMV: $4,800

Lay All Your Love on Me, 48 x 36″, Mixed Media – acrylic paint, acrylic ink, alcohol ink

FMV: $2,200

Raven Zeller

An experimental abstract artist, Raven’s artwork is ever inspired by her immense love and adoration for God as the Master Creator. In the evolution of her career as an Artist, Raven credits every brush stroke, colour choice, highlight, shape and shadow to His divine guidance, as she believes this is the well upon which all creation flows.
Each piece is a dance through motion and colour, often featuring metallic accents and subtle shimmers through the various mixed media she incorporates in each painting. 
Raven’s original paintings are listed for purchase, as well the option to request a commission based on Raven’s availability.
Her Artwork has been featured in International Magazines including Vanity Fair, The World Of Interiors, House & Garden, and Vogue. As well as International Gallery and Virtual Exhibitions.

Ria Carpay

Abstract: Upward, a sense of doing better each time.







Upward, 26 x 20″, Acrylic on Canvas Framed

FMV: $650

Sarah Lewke 

Sarah Lewke is an artist and teacher based in the Okanagan. She creates vibrant and expressive acrylic and watercolour paintings inspired by the Okanagan valley in her home studio in West Kelowna, BC.
Sarah studied Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, and received a BFA before pursuing an Education degree at Trinity Western University. She now shares her love of art with elementary and high school students, as well as art workshop participants.





Good Friday, 24 x 24″, Acrylic on Canvas 
FMV: $450

Stephanie Puddister 

I research three theoretical trajectories, first looking at the influence of painting and the use of experimental materials within the avant-garde and the notion of expanded painting, second by exploring consideration of medium specificity and painting’s place in a post-medium context alongside expanded painting, and finally exploring theories of affect as they concern the reception and production of paintings. In my work, I am posing a question as to what painting really is. I believe that by posing such a question I am allowing for a critical and ambitious exploration of materiality.



Okanagan Road, 24 x 36″, Acrylic on Canvas

FMV: $550


Valerie Kordyban

Influenced by artists associated with Abstract Expressionism, Valerie loves to paint fearlessly with joy and freedom, creating bold, colourful impressions with energy and depth. She uses mixed media (mainly acrylic), applying structure and pigment multi-layered to achieve a harmony of line and form, rhythm, and texture on a canvas. 





Horizon 2023, 48 x 48″, Mixed Media 

FMV: $875