Alex Murphy

Artist-in-Residence, August 2022

Alex Murphy is a queer interdisciplinary artist and educator. They have received Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture degrees from Dalhousie University, and more recently, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from OCAD University.

Their work reconsiders traditional practices and perspectives using unconventional processes and novel approaches to established mediums and methods. Nature, difference, time and space are themes that have taken root and consistently express themselves in Alex’s work. Their earlier education in environmental design and architecture compel them to create new spaces in and with their art practice. They have exhibited in Italy, Ireland and Canada. Alex’s work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Alex is of settler descent, was born in Kespu’kwitk in Mi’kma’ki | southwestern Nova Scotia, and is currently living and practicing in Tkaronto | Toronto.  







Residency Project

During my residency at Caetani Centre, I will be planting the seeds of new creative projects, while expanding my recent body of work, Anthology of Wild Flowers. This particular work layers disparate and historical craft technologies: hand embroidery and Florentine marbling. The resulting works reconsider space, time and perspective through the investigation of, and novel approaches to, these very different creative processes. Fluid, wild and unruly lines of marbling create a foil for careful, regulated and intentional stitches of embroidery, combining dichotomous concepts that exist within me. 

Themes of space, time and difference have rooted in me and consistently expressive themselves through my work. Natural environments have directed the content of my art through subjects of cartography, landscape and botany. Caetani and surrounding spaces are rife with inspiration and investigation.