Adriane Vant Erve

Artist-in-Residence, August 2022



Adriane Vant Erve is an artist living in Calgary, Alberta. She grew up on a wheat farm and is always influenced by the open spaces, rhythms of nature, and solitude she began life with. She completed a Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and worked as an Interior Designer for 8 years. Her background in interior design informs her choices in all artwork she makes. Adriane has also spent time living in Sydney, Australia, and attended the sculpture program at the University of Sydney. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Alberta University of the Arts, majoring in Fibre. Exploring three-dimensions, texture and transparency is an exciting part of her practice.

Adriane works with cloth, and thread to create works that capture observations and feelings about the world around her and the experiences in her life. Her love of complex colour combinations and a family legacy of fibre art gives her background knowledge that provides many options and ideas so that she brings something new to every piece she makes.




Residency Project

I will be working with linen and silk, and thread and yarn, to create a new series of hanging sculptures. I work in series, and my goal with this residency is to take time away for myself to focus exclusively on my art without interruptions. I will be bringing supplies and a sewing machine, and will need a desk and small workspace, perhaps including a soft chair. Reading and journaling are an integral part of my practice. Taking walks and observing nature aid in reflection.

I am interested in how simple repeating lines and forms convey messages and feelings. I will create patterns in textiles using three dimensions, a limited colour palette and a combination of order and disorder. Many stitched lines or shapes can give a feeling of tension, and natural fabrics when formed into three dimensions become compelling, because textiles convey intimacy and vulnerability.

The hanging pieces will include geometric forms, repetition, suspended threads, areas of containment, dimension, transparency, and drawing. Artists who I am inspired by include Ruth Asawa, Louise Nevelson, Eva Hesse, and Agnes Martin.