Jan Creelman

Artist-in-Residence, November 2022

Please join us in welcoming our November artist-in-residence Jan Creelman.

Born of settlers in Mi’kmaq Territory, Jan grew up on the East Coast and now lives in Scarborough, On.

An award-winning batik artist, Jan says she “fell into batik” while observing a friend compose a market scene with wax and dyes.

Batik is created with wax and/or interfering shapes that prevent and resist dyes from penetrating the medium of choice. The design emerges after successive applications of dyes and resists, until the resists are removed and the final image is revealed.

While at the Caetani Centre, Jan will be working on two batik paper series: 

Rapture, Not Ruptures (2021 – present) speaks to the lines that hold us and from which we all walk from far inside ourselves and out into new conversations with the world around us, perhaps with a newfound trust in vulnerability, faith and courage – where they reside as the birthplace of innovation creativity and change.  As with all art; life, decay, death and rebirth occur, we evolve outside the lines, and ultimately show that we each belong to this cycle of living. 

Flight (2022 – present) is largely loose, abstract and explores Jan’s wild abandon and the courage it takes to express one’s self with the grounded excitement of the brick and olive colours exploded alongside the stability of the top dye, usually a primary colour to gesture towards birds in flight.

Jan will work with some traditional batik techniques using cotton and will be using her photography to help generate questions to inform her current and future work.



Please join us in welcoming Jan when she opens the Sveva Studio as part of our open studio event at the Caetani Centre on Saturday, Nov. 19 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Both the Sveva and Jüül Studios will be open for the public to meet our two artists-in-residence, Jan Creelman and Jess Richter, as well as  our writer-in-residence Heather Thomas during those times.

Meet the artists, learn about their respective projects and processes, and see what they are working on during their Caetani residency.

Parking is available adjacent to the Caetani House, located at 3401 Pleasant Valley Rd., Vernon.

Please look for the directional signs to the Sveva and Jüül studios, and take care to wipe your boots on the provided mats before entering as there is still plenty of snow on the Caetani property.

Please note that the house/museum is not open for tours during this time. For more information, please visit www.caetani.org or call 250-275-1525