Jess Richter

Artist-in-Residence, November 2022

Please join us in welcoming Jess Richter as one of our November artists-in-residence.

Hailing from Regina, Sask, Jess is a contemporary folk artist who explores nostalgia, place, intergenerational trauma and folk practices within contemporary Canada, while also prioritizing the perspectives and experiences of ethnic German immigrants to rural and isolated areas.

Jess is particularly interested in viewing the relationship to land and Canadian identity through the lens of the British folk-horror tradition.

Seen in films such as Midsommar, The Wicker Man, and The Blood on Satan’s Claw, folk horror is a reflection of deep land anxiety felt by those who seek to live in close connection to the land and the outsiders who interlope on those ways.

During her self-directed residency, Jess plans to research and create a series of detailed ink drawings and papercuts that explore the importance of folklore and re-enchantment during volatile times.

Meet Jess when she opens the Jüül Studio at the Caetani Centre on Saturday, Nov. 19 for an open studio tour between 9 am and noon.

Jess will speak on her respective project and process, and show what she is working on during her Caetani residency. The Sveva studio will also be open during this time for people to meet our other artist-in-residence, Jan Creelman and our writer-in-residence Heather Thomas.

Parking is available adjacent to the Caetani House, located at 3401 Pleasant Valley Rd., Vernon.

Please look for the directional signs to the Sveva and Jüül studios, and take care to wipe your boots on the provided mats before entering as there is still plenty of snow on the Caetani property.

Please note that the house/museum is not open for tours during this time. For more information, please visit or call 250-275-1525.

Photos by Shawn Fulton