All funded programs have been suspended during Covid-19.
Applications are still being accepted from within Canada only for the Self-Directed AIR program.

Please check back in 2021 if you are applying from outside Canada.

Application Form for CeramAiR

Please ensure that you have read all the guidelines prior to making application. These can be downloaded in pdf format from the website.

Please provide proof of Identity - scan of driver\'s licence, passport or official document. Accepted File formats: png, jpeg, gif, pdf
Please select one only

Please state your preferred start and finish dates during this time period. Please schedule your arrival between Monday – Thursday.
*Please note that the Caetani Centre & Vernon Community Arts Centre will be closed during the Easter long weekend holiday, so departure and exhibition times must be scheduled around this.

If you are applying locally, you may only require studio space and not accommodations. FOR ALL APPLICANTS: Please check availability of rooms (see under Facilities on the menu) on website before making your selection.
Please indicate if you will require double occupancy (PLEASE NOTE that there is a charge of $10/night applied per additional occupant)
Please provide the name of the person you anticipate will be sharing your suite.
The CeramAIR program provides a private residential room at the Caetani Centre and shared studio space and equipment provided by the Arts Council of the North Okanagan. Please specify below if you have special requirements for equipment not listed in the guidelines. We cannot guarantee access to any equipment outside of that already listed.
Accepted File Formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt
Accepted File Formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt Writers: attach a brief description of overarching concerns or themes.
Please be sure to include any special requirements re: equipment, workshop, space, etc. Accepted File Formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt
In lieu of attaching images, please include a website with your portfolio (preferred).
If you do not have an artist's website with portfolio, please submit 10 - 20 images of recent work in one file. This form will accept one file of combined images. Please combine the images into one file. Please keep image files as small as possible. Maximum recommended individual image file size is under 250kb. Accepted file formats are pdf, jpg, gif, png, doc, txt Alternately, in lieu of attaching images, or for video or sound work, please include a link to a portfolio of your work online below. If accepted into the program, the artist agrees to allow use of images provided and approved by the artist/author for advertising and promotional purposes only.
These may be sent directly, separate from this application, to us via email. Accepted file formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt.
Accepted File Formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, jpg, gif, png
Please ensure that you have all required documents attached

I affirm that all information presented is complete, correct and accurate, and that any work presented is the result of my own creative efforts. I have read through the guidelines and conditions and understand my obligations to the Caetani Cultural Centre and the Artist in Residence Program as specified. The information collected on this form will be used solely by the Caetani Cultural Centre Society for the purposes of admission, registration, sponsorships, accommodation, follow-up or program evaluation, research, planning or funding purposes. Please contact us if you wish to be removed from any future mailing lists. If accepted, I agree to conduct myself in a manner that meets with the expectations of all program participants and the Caetani Cultural Centre Society. By submitting this form I agree to the above conditions.

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