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Tour fees: Guided tours are minimum of 1 hour.

Adult: $10.00 per person – MEMBERS free – Buy a membership today
Children under 18 free

Donations gladly accepted!

Regular tours will begin in July, 2021. Due to changing and evolving Covid-19 restrictions, we are taking lists of names for tour bookings up to 6 people per party. PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change. We will make every effort to accommodate whenever possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee bookings or requests.

We can currently accept up to 6 people for the same tour party (family group or bubble). This may be subject to change due to Covid-19 guidelines. Please notify the Caetani office if your number changes. All guests must register for Covid-19 tracing and follow all guidelines while on site.
Please list your booking preferences such as dates, times, etc. We will make every effort to accommodate requests, however we cannot guarantee bookings at this time.

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