Funding Assistance

The Caetani Cultural Centre offers two program streams for applicants: sponsored/themed and self-directed paid programs (fee for accommodations and creative workspace).

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we strive to offer affordable residencies for creative individuals, and endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible.

Self-Directed Fee Programs: The Caetani Centre strives to provide accommodations and creative workspace for affordable rates. These programs do not adhere to specific themes or programs of exploration. Please see applicable programs and guidelines for more information.

Sponsored or Themed: The Centre is occasionally able to partner with other organizations or funding agencies to provide sponsored residencies for artists, writers or cultural researchers. These usually include free accommodations and workspace, and may also include an honorarium to assist with expenses.

Please see our individual program pages for details.

Please note:

  • Most participants apply for grants to institutions, foundations, universities, government agencies, etc. in their country/province of origin to assist with funding. Within British Columbia, funds for possible assistance with professional development for artists are available for BC residents at the BC Arts Council site. Outside of British Columbia, Canadian artists can access possible grant opportunities through the Canada Council website or through their own provincial organizations.
  • The fee does not include travel expenses, food, health insurance, art materials, shipping, exhibition costs, or other personal expenses.
  • Pricing is tiered based on the length of the residency and the specific needs of the proposed project.