For a preview of what our Museum has in store for you, visit the Curriculum section of the website. You will find visit planning resources, educational resources and information related to our school programs and special exhibitions. To ensure that your class gets the most out of this unique educational experience, we encourage you review the Caetani Family History and consider the following pre-visit activities below:

Get your students excited about history!  Initiate a classroom discussion, and ask a series of questions to spark students’ imaginations. This will engage your students in thinking about the Museum, encourage inquiry, and help students to anticipate the field trip in a positive way.

What is a museum?
Why do we have museums?
Why is it important to visit museums?
Where do you think all the items in a museum or exhibit come from?
Have you ever been to a museum? Which one? What was your experience like?


Be an active member of the group during your visit!
Encourage discussion between you and the students in your group.
Most questions in the inquiry guide are open-ended. There is room for many different interpretations!
When you enter a new part of the museum, give students some time to explore what is around them.
Talk to a docent in the galleries, they may have something engaging to show your group.

What do you observe?
Why do you think that is? / What makes you think that?
What else do you notice?