Caetani Cultural Centre (C3) Room Rental Policy

  1. The Caetani Cultural Centre (C3) programming will take precedent over any outside room rentals. C3 cannot guarantee that the room is booked for the specified period unless confirmation and full payment has been received. The Room Rental Agreement must be completed and signed and special arrangements (i.e. hiring security or equipment needs) must be made at the time of booking. Payment must be received at time of booking.
  2. The Caetani Cultural Centre maintains meeting rooms designed to meet the educational, cultural, economic and recreational needs of all individuals, groups and associations in the North Okanagan. Rooms are designated for programs and social functions, not exercise classes.
  3. Recurring reservations may be accepted for up to 12 consecutive bookings, at the end of which such reservations may be reviewed.
  4. Room bookings, changes in arrangements or requirements must be made at least five full business days in advance.
  5. Promotional material must not imply Caetani Centre sponsorship and material for externally booked programs must not be posted without permission. Neither the name nor address of the Caetani Cultural Centre may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
  6. The Caetani Centre does not necessarily endorse the views of any group renting its rooms. The activities programmed should not in any way reflect negatively on the image or the reputation of the Caetani Cultural Centre.
  7. The rental groups or organizations and its guests shall comply with all traffic, building and personal conduct restrictions. These include the prohibition of alcoholic beverages and liquor in non-licensed areas and the observance of the C3 as a smoke free building.
  8. Meeting rooms are available during Caetani Centre hours. Outside of our regular hours, the Centre will arrange for staff, security services and/or access to the facilities rented.
  9. No admission will be charged for screenings of Public Performance films/videotapes unless the renter has made a revenue-sharing agreement with the producer of the film/videotape or whoever holds the distribution rights.
  10. Renters must provide their own coffee urns and supplies. Bagged lunches and bottled beverages are permitted. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.
  11. The Centre will supply requested seating, equipment and tables, however, the room set-up and clean-up is the renter’s responsibility.
  12. All rooms must be left in a neat and orderly condition. Failure to do so may result in the group being charged for clean up or denied future bookings.
  13. Permission to decorate shall be obtained from the C3. Thumbtacks, nails, screws, or cellophane tape shall not be used for fastening decorations to the building or furniture. Any tape affixed to the floor will require pre-approval from C3.
  14. The rental group or organization shall be responsible for proper supervision of the crowd. If uniformed officers of other supervisory personnel are deemed necessary for traffic direction or crowd control, such must be arranged by the rental group.
  15. The rental group or organization shall save and hold harmless the Caetani Cultural Centre from any and all liabilities and responsibilities arising incident to the occupancy of any room at the C3 and related areas and employees, during the time of rental. Renters may be required to provide a liability insurance certificate naming the CCC as “named insured.”
  16. Room renters are responsible for any damage to the room, its contents and the theft of any furnishings or equipment. The convener or coordinator is responsible for closure and lock up.
  17. The Caetani Centre reserves the right to refuse bookings or waive fees only at the discretion of the Board or Executive Director.
  18. The Caetani Centre reserves the right to cancel a reservation. In this event, reasonable notice of 10 days will be given.
  19. Cancellation of reservations by the booking party must be made at least five full business days in advance or the Caetani Centre reserves the right to apply full charges.
  20. If liquor is to be served at a private event, whether the liquor is to be sold or provided gratis, a liquor license is required and the license must be brought to the event by the renter.

Cancellation: In the event that either party wishes to terminate this Agreement, that party will be required to provide 5 days written notice to the other party.  A modest administrative fee may be charged for cancellations.


In submitting and signing this agreement, I certify I have read, understand and will abide by the facility rules and regulations set forth in the contract and Room Rental Policies and Procedures.


Both parties are freed from contractual obligation or liability to fulfill existing Room rental contracts due to war, strikes, riots, crime, epidemic (pandemic), or any event that can be classified as an “act of god”. Cancellation administrative fee is still in effect, however the rentall fees will be refunded in full.

The resident hereby agrees to hold The Caetani Cultural Centre Society, individual members thereof, and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that may arise during and related in any way by the use and occupancy of said facilities, to the extent such loss, damage, liability, cost or expense arise out of negligent acts or omissions of the resident or guest.

By Submitting the Room Rental Booking Form:

The Applicant will be responsible for any damages sustained to the facility. Any lost equipment or damages sustained to Caetani Cultural Centre property shall be compensated within seven days.

The Applicant agrees to ensure that all attendees conduct themselves in an orderly and professional manner at all times in accordance with the expectations of the policies and procedures of the Caetani Cultural Centre.

Submission of the Room Rental Booking Form means the applicant acknowledges a copy of this agreement and agrees to the conditions outlined in these guidelines.

This policy is subject to revision and may change.