Please note that the Caetani Centre main house and residency space is closed during January and February due to construction. Residencies will resume in the spring. 

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There is still much work to be done to restore the house to its former glory and maintain the safety, integrity of the collections, house and grounds.

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Please see below for some examples of major contributions to the Sveva Caetani Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan.

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Through donations received, we were able to apply for matching funds – multiplying your donation impact – for the Open House Project, which upgraded the 125+ year old Caetani House to current code and safety standards, and allowed for the house to be opened to public access. In 2021 the house opened to the public for sold-out tours, recounting the fascinating story of the Caetani family, and the artistic legacy or Sveva Caetani, and providing an additional public presentation space.
There is still much work to be done to restore the house to its former glory and maintain the integrity of the collections, house and grounds.

We invite you to be a part of this legacy – see below!

The Caetani Cultural Centre Society is registered as a charitable organization  with Canada Revenue Agency. We are able to accomplish everything we do solely through the generous support of community members, businesses, foundations, granting agencies, and self-generated revenues.

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After over 35 years absence from the region, the Caetani Centre recently repatriated back to Vernon the RECAPITULATION series of 47 separate works (60 individual pieces) of large scale watercolour paintings completed in the 1980s by artist and mentor Sveva Caetani, returned from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts in Edmonton, who  kept the collection intact and cared for.
Your contribution will be used toward applying for matching funds for the expansion of the Caetani Gallery to showcase this amazing collection of works.

Find out more or call the Caetani office @ 250-275-1525.

The Legacy of Sveva Caetani Caetani Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan (CFNO)

The property that is home to the Caetani Centre was a bequest for the benefit of the Greater Vernon community by artist, writer, teacher and mentor, Sveva Caetani in 1994, and has benefited from the support of many generous donors over the years including a recent legacy donation by Joan Herriot following her death in 2012 (see below). The North Okanagan Community Foundation (CFNO) holds an endowment fund benefiting the Caetani Centre. Contributions to the fund ensure sustainability of the house and property and longevity of the arts within our community. When donating through the CFNO, be sure to specify funds for the Sveva Caetani Endowment Fund.

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Sveva Caetani
Sveva Caetani, photo credit: Heidi Thompson

Joan Heriot Legacy

Heriot Studio
Heriot Studio in Courtyard

A major donation in the amount of $70,000, a bequest from Vernon artist Joan Heriot in 2013 to the Sveva Caetani Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan (CFNO).

Joan Heriot
Joan Heriot

Joan Heriot was a long time friend and companion to Sveva Caetani, sharing an interest in art and culture and a strong interest in community. She lived in the Caetani house for many years in a suite on the second floor.

Born in the Okanagan,  and a zoologist by training, Joan returned to “retirement” in Canada after many years in England, and turned her extensive talents towards capturing the unique qualities of light present in the vast Okanagan landscape through her well-known explorations in pastel.

The Caetani Centre has also received several small works and prints from Joan’s private collection.

Joan was a strong supporter of Sveva’s vision of establishing the Caetani house and grounds as a community cultural site, hosting programs, presentations, workshops for both adults and youth, and a national and international Artist in Residence program where visiting and local artists could exchange ideas and skills, and share their creativity, knowledge and skill with the local community.

Joan’s bequest was added to the original Sveva Caetani bequest, held by the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan, for assisting with the ongoing upkeep of the house and grounds, and will contribute towards the future continued success of the Caetani Cultural Centre.

One of the studios located on the grounds above the courtyard was renovated and named after Joan Heriot, in her honour.

We are very grateful for this impressive and much needed bequest and also for the vote of confidence that we have received from such an outstanding long-time member of the Greater Vernon cultural community, Ms. Joan Heriot.

If you are interested in supporting C3 through a donation or leaving a legacy, please contact us directly, speak to your estate planner, or you may make a donation now through Canada Helps.

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