'They Still Stand Strong in LOVE!' AJ Jaeger
‘They Still Stand Strong in LOVE!’ AJ Jaeger

'The Odd Couple' Ann Willsie
‘The Odd Couple’ Ann Willsie

'Sea of Love' Brazen Edwards
‘Sea of Love’ Brazen Edwards

'Golden Hour' Carmen Thompson
‘Golden Hour’ Carmen Thompson

'View from the Bridge' Charley Hampton
‘View from the Bridge’ Charley Hampton

'Elektra' David Powter
‘Elektra’ David Powter

'Shape of the Land 1' Destanne Norris
‘Shape of the Land 1’ Destanne Norris

'Womankind' Diana Gritten
‘Womankind’ Diana Gritten

'City Landscape' Evalynne McDougall
‘City Landscape’ Evalynne McDougall

'Stormy Weather' Gabrielle Strong
‘Stormy Weather’ Gabrielle Strong

'Symbolism of Aging Using Colour Theory' Gail Short
‘Symbolism of Aging Using Colour Theory’ Gail Short

'The Gathering' Gale Woodhouse & Friends
‘The Gathering’ Gale Woodhouse & Friends

'Morning Light' Gene Prokop
‘Morning Light’ Gene Prokop

'October Optimism' Heidi Thompson
‘October Optimism’ Heidi Thompson

'Big Cedar by the Water' Jane Tanner
‘Big Cedar by the Water’ Jane Tanner

'Double panel: (top) Our Sacramental Obscure Nature (bottom) Miss Juul, The Count, his Wife and her Daughter' Julie Oakes
‘Double panel: (top) Our Sacramental Obscure Nature (bottom) Miss Juul, The Count, his Wife and her Daughter’ Julie Oakes

'Old Smith House' Juve Fertado
‘Old Smith House’ Juve Fertado

'Blue Mist' Kara Barkved
‘Blue Mist’ Kara Barkved

'Bounty of Blossoms' Kathryn Ross
‘Bounty of Blossoms’ Kathryn Ross

'Let It Go' Kathy Munts
‘Let It Go’ Kathy Munts

'Canola in a Prairie Sky' Lana Schuster
‘Canola in a Prairie Sky’ Lana Schuster

'Filtered Day' Martha Moore
‘Filtered Day’ Martha Moore

'Journey' Melissa Dinwoodie
‘Journey’ Melissa Dinwoodie

'Sun Shadows' Michelle Loughery
‘Sun Shadows’ Michelle Loughery

'Koi Story' Neil Erickson
‘Koi Story’ Neil Erickson

'Thunder Beings' Raven Zeller
‘Thunder Beings’ Raven Zeller

Custom Pet Portrait Shannon Wylie
Custom Pet Portrait Shannon Wylie

'On the Precipice' Valerie Kordyban
‘On the Precipice’ Valerie Kordyban

'Still Life with Crustacean' Wanda Lock
‘Still Life with Crustacean’ Wanda Lock


Detailed Information on Artworks up for Auction

Viva d’Arte!

TICKETS $125.00 each ($25 tax receipt)


AVAILABLE Re-imagining our Premier Fundraising Event –
the Caetani Splash returns live!

We made it through! Following a devastating two years dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and also extreme climate events – from an unprecedented August fire season to being cut off due to unprecedented fall flooding… 

We are excited to announce that the Caetani Centre has revamped its annual LIVE art auction and premiere art event.

Help us kick off Summer Solstice at the newly imagined Caetani Splash –  Viva d’Arte! fundraiser:


New Date and Time! Saturday, June 25, 4 – 8 pm.

WHAT to Expect:


We’re breaking out of the Red! Casual Elegance – Please wear your favourite garden party hat & attire (and flat shoes!).

YOU make the Difference!
With the opening of the Caetani house to the public last year, the return of Sveva’s Recapitulation painting series, and a successful season of tours, we have already accomplished so much with your support

Our latest project includes plans to upgrade our garden and grounds and improve access. There are very few outdoor spaces near Downtown Vernon where you can have alfresco weddings, concerts, or special events, and we feel that we have a great location to accommodate such events.


NEW! Partial donation receipt
– $25 of the ticket price will be issued an official tax-deductible donation receipt towards  achieving a secure status for future endeavours and all that our benefactor Sveva Caetani wanted her legacy to stand for at the Caetani Centre.

We hope that we can count on your support of this important fundraiser.
Please join us to ensure that Sveva’s vision continues. 

Find out how you can contribute by contacting us at [email protected], or call 250-275-1525.

We look forward to seeing you there!


2022 Caetani Splash Committee
Kathy Parton (Chair), Karen Winsor Geatros, Denise Tambellini, AJ Jaeger, Sherry Price

Susan Brandoli, Kristin Froneman, Jessica Payne